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Lumia 520 app store

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Lumia 520 app store

My wife's just become the new owner of a Lumia 520, and something is just not quite right... All the basics work fine, but neither the "app store" nor the "homepage" of our carrier, OrangeUK, will load... error message is "We can't connect to the store at the moment. Check your data connection or try again later".


Internet and web browsing via both WiFi & "mobile" is otherwise perfect, so it's not a problem with connectivity. Our carrier's CS have just referred me to the Zune software which is not surprising, so here's where the fun starts...


1: I can install Zune no problem (Win XP), and get as far as plugging the phone in. At that point it refuses to connect, the problem seems to be missing the "RM-914|Nokia Lumia 520" driver. I'm utterly amazed that this is nowhere to be found on any "official" website, just plenty of references on Google to this driver. The option in the corner for device, shows "not connected", and no amount of disconnects/reconnects/reinstalls will change this.


2: A few weblinks point towards a "WIndowsPhone.exe" installer, I've tried this but get almost immediately "We can't install the Windows Phone for desktop on server operating systems".


I cannot break either of these problems - but it's certainly not for want of trying.


I have created a new "Microsoft Live" account, and logging in to this via the web.. and entering her phone number, it is certainly finding her device. The contacts are being picked up, and "find my phone" locates the device accurately.. so the phone is definitely talking to "Microsoft" via its own means.


This device is just under a fortnight old, but we made sure of registering problems with OrangeUK within a week of taking delivery. I am positive there's something simple that I'm missing here... but for the life of me, I can't work it out.

Please could someone put me out of my misery and tell me where I'm going wrong...

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Re: Lumia 520 app store

[ Edited ]

First point to mention is that as 520 is a Windows Phone 8 device it is NOT compatible with Zune and shame on CS for suggesting otherwise, secondly you need Windows Xp SP3 and Windows Media Player 10 or later preferably 11 .

Whilst I can't explain Orange issue with App Store have you tried going to > My Phone and Signing-in? There should be facility to push application directly to your 520 and if you have a microSD memory card there is option to "Download and install manually" at bottom left of screen with more information here:


If any connectivity issues suggest that you open device manger on the PC when the phone is connected and should either find the currently loaded drivers there or a driver with a yellow triangle. In any case, remove these drivers disconnect the 520, remove the battery and re-insert but do not switch on! Now connect the phone to another USB port which should make the phone start, leave it for a while and it should come up on the PC.

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Re: Lumia 520 app store

I seem to recall Orange directed me to try to use Zune or Windows Phone for Desktop as well.  That's a pair of red herrings, I'm afraid.  Zune does not work with Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone for Desktop does not work with Windows XP.


To make your 520 connect to your Win XP PC, you need to make sure the XP operating system is updated to Service Pack 3 and if you are going to use Windows Media Player with it then that needs to be updated to (I think) version 11.


To get rid of the constant messages about installing drivers, switch your phone off  (hold the power button for about 6 seconds then follow the instruction to "slide down" to switch off) then connect it to your PC's USB port.  The phone should power up and the drivers should load as it does so.  (To be honest, I can't remember how I got my own PC to stop nagging me for drivers.  The above is a procedure I've read in this or another forum).


Once you get past the installation dialogues, you should be able to see the phone (and SD card if fitted) as if they were storage devices, and you will be able to drag and drop music etc to them from your PC. 


You can also synchronise music using Windows Media Player, but I found it such a massive chore to try to create a sync playlist from my music library that I gave it up as more trouble than it was worth.


In fact, I took my SD card out of the phone, plugged it into the PC and dragged all the music I wanted onto it that way.  That method also got around the phantom duplicate files menace which I hope you have the good fortune never to encounter.

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Re: Lumia 520 app store

Helpful replies, thank you.


Problems with the app store persist.. we've managed to login to the app store online and push some apps to the device, but they simply won't download... they get so far then report "Attention required" halfway through the download.


Apparently this is a bug with the app store, but it's certainly proving persistent :-(

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Re: Lumia 520 app store

[ Edited ]

The problem is the MS account. The phone was set up with a MS account and you added another. That is what I read. The intial account is the MS email account for the phone. That is the account with which you have use, everywhere. You can not add another to try to use the store. This is no bug.


520 user guide


Connecting to XP. You must have SP3 and windows media player 11 installed. All the transfers between the phone and PC have to be done with windows explorer. The phone has data folders and the SD card has folders. You have to put sturff in the correct folder. You can not add any folders for data.

The PC loads the drivers when the phone is connected. When the drivers are loaded the phoneshould be in windows explorer. The phone has 5 folders and the SD card has three.


Connect the phone. Go to the device manager on the PC and delete any phone devices. Remove the phone from the PC and turn the phone all the way off.  Connect the phone to the PC. It will turn on because it is being charged and the PC will detect it and install drivers. Takes a while. wait.

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Re: Lumia 520 app store

Ok, well installing the phone drivers isn't proving straightforward but I can see the device in PC-Explorer so that's enough to copy files.


Looks like when the phone was first setup, we must have inadvertently put an account in there . So even though it all *seemed* ok, the clue was in the inability to complete any downloads.


Not impressed with the lack of info in the help files or FAQ.. but thank you for all the suggestions and responses on here. Most appreciated.

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Re: Lumia 520 app store

i am a new owner of lumia 520 , i have problem on store connectivity. when i am download/update/installation of any apps will load error massage is we can't connect to the microsoft at the moment. Please could someone put me out of my misery and tell me where I'm going wrong..