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Lumia 520 camera SD card

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Lumia 520 camera SD card

If I choose to save pictures and videos to the sd-card then the camera app crashes back to the home screen. If I choose to save them to the phone memory then it works ok.


I have checked the sd-card in a PC and it is fine.

The phone reads the sd-card ok and can play media stored on it.

If after a factory reset I insert the card and tell the phone not to save to it everything is ok apart from stuff being saved to the internal memory rather than the sd card.

If I tell it to save to the sd-card then the camera app always crashes back to the home screen as soon as I start a video or photo capture.

A factory reset only resets the sd-card status. This is repeatable.


I have searched for this problem but the only "solution" I can find is to go back to factory settings and remove the sd card which isn't really a solution but a work round as is my partial fix above.


Question:  Is this a hardware error?  In which case I can return the phone. Or is it a software error in which case when can we expect a fix?


It seems to me that the camera app cannot get write access to the sd card is it giving up too easily?


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Re: Lumia 520 camera SD card

My wife has a 620 and is able to save photos and videos directly to an SD card without any problems. I did buy and install a Sandisk memory card which is a known, reliable memory card manufacturer here in the UK.
I would suggest that the SD card you are using may be faulty or of such poor quality that it is causing you these problems.
To rule this out you can try a different SD card in your phone and then let us know how you get on.
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Re: Lumia 520 camera SD card

The SD card works fine in my laptop, and in a Samsung phone. I don't think it is acceptable to suggest that the SD card is at fault if other devices can use it without problems. Searching on the internet suggests that this is a common problem with Nokia phones not just the 520. So the question remains is it a software fault or a hardware fault with the phone.


I have just checked and I can write videos and pictures directly to the sd card with the phone plugged into a usb port.


On the sd card were files called "Camera Roll" and other which were, I think,  folders but were no longer folders just small files.


The implication is that the camera application has somehow corrupted these files and because it can no longer access them is crashing out.


The phone has no difficulty reading music stored on the sd card.


In an effort to debug this quickly Is there a way of switching the saving of pictures and videos to a specific sd card on and off without performing a factory reset?


Do you really think that an application just crashing out without any explanation of what has gone wrong is acceptable?

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Re: Lumia 520 camera SD card

I tried formatting the sd card,it doesnt work,only way to go is hard reset