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Re: Lumia 610 Volume Issues

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Lumia 610 Volume Issues

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my Nokia Lumia 610 (loudspeaker) plays mp3 musics in minimum loudness (level 01) is louder than level 8 in playing Music Video, what i need is maybe 3 level less than lv 01 in playing mp3 music,


if I play a music video (usually at level 13-15 volume), and playing mp3 after it, it plays really loud and have to decrease the volume to level 1 or 2,


are there any way to setting the master volume?

and also the FM radio in level 01 is too loud to my ears..






and if I using earphone, the mp3 volume level is Good, the minimun level is good to my ear and level 13-15 is still good loudness(not the quality but the loudness), but radio in level 01 is as loud as level 12 in mp3


gaming,music,video loudness all good if using earphones, but the radio is to loud,

gaming and music using loudspeaker the minimun volume is too loud a bit, but the minimum video volume is good.

can the next update fix only the radio volume loudness?

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Re: Lumia 610 Volume Issues

Hi mingjae,


Thanks for your post!


What you are experiencing is a difference in soundlevels of the files and/or the media stream. Internet Radio is usually heavily compressed and at it's maximum soundlevel. Mediafiles like video and music may differ strongly in soundlevels.


I would suggest you search for a good sound mazimizer on the internet to level your files. You will find this will greatly enhance your listening experience.


Hope this helps,


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Re: Lumia 610 Volume Issues

This seems to be same problem in all Lumia's.

I have same issue in Lumia900 and it's really annoying and should be really fixed. Now there no use for volume level 10-30 and as mentioned already above volume level 01 is too loud for many cases...


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Re: Lumia 610 Volume Issues

yes, i mean only the FM radio volume using earphone is too loud although in level 01


in mp3 music files, i have 128kbps,192kbps and 320kbps songs which all good (usually) play at level 11-13 using earphone which have nearly the same with the other mp3 player devices (maybe the loudness with international standard) in level 11-13 I usually play them.


if I map the loudness level, maybe like this:


(at volume level: 01)

mp3->excellent level

video->acceptible (for most video files, louder than mp3 music)

games->acceptible (for most game audio, louder than mp3 music)

FM radio->too loud in all FM channel (the same as level 12-13 in plays mp3 musics)



loudspeaker sound:YES
(at volume level: 01)

mp3->too loud

video->excellent level

games->too loud (same loudness as mp3)

FM radio->do not support Loudspeaker



if I playing mp3 and games using loudspeaker I can close the speaker area with my palm hand so it will reduce the loudness or just lay the phone on a table facing front.


but in listen to FM radio I must use speakers(earphone) in my ear and possible to decrease the loudness below level 01 if my earphone have volume control button.


and at night time, before bed i usually set the volume into lower level, listen to jazz channel,

unfortunately, my fav IEM earphone does not have volume control button


but I love the Loudspeaker quality,

playing mp3 music at level 25-30 is still good..


I wish, the master volume using loudspeaker at gaming decrease a bit, coz if my friend look at my Lumia 610 and says "hey, what games do you have? demo it" and after I click a game and set the volume to 01, everybody look at me coz the sound... lol



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Re: Lumia 610 Volume Issues



I have Nokia lumia 610, i am facing problems with volume issue, is there any option to control ring tone volume and music volume seperate. When I decrease music volume then same time phone ringer also decreasing due to that i am missing calls.

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Re: Lumia 610 Volume Issues

Facing the similar issue with my Lumia610 - most of the time the mobile ringer could be changed even when the phone is locked and that is what is issue for the workaround too.
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Re: Lumia 610 Volume Issues

hi i have a nokia 610 and the volume control will move from my prefered setting of 30 to 0 for no reason as a result i miss calls is there a way to lock the volume setting