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Lumia 800 Update Issues (Product Code: 059M539)

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Re: Lumia 800 Update Issues (Product Code: 059M539)

Thanks for your reply, I was very disappointed that this was the only solution, but I went to my nearest Nokia Care Point, it was part of a Carphone Warehouse as there is no exclusive care points anywhere near me at all. They couldn't get the update either, they told me they are not authorised to completey wipe the software, which could be what is needed. There is nowhere else I can take it, so what should I do? I am so frustrated that I made a wasted trip and have no solution.
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Re: Lumia 800 Update Issues (Product Code: 059M539)

Some weeks ago I also went to a care point at a Carphone Warehouse. (In London, right near Oxford Circus) The first time I went there they said they could update it by wiping everything but I hadn't backed up my photos yet so I didn't do it then. A few days later I went there again but then they said they couldn't do it there and had to send it to Nokia which would take 2 weeks plus they'd need a proof of purchase (even though it's obviously still within warranty) which I didn't have with me and I bought it from a Phones 4 U so they also didn't have it in their system. So what's the deal?

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Re: Lumia 800 Update Issues (Product Code: 059M539)

Wiping everything does not itself constitute an update, so it seems that you first spoke to somebody inexperienced in the first instance.


It is also the case that some NCPs cannot do all types of repair, in which case they should offer to send the device to the central repair hub. The Nokia UK web site gives some information about NCP services using colour coding on this page:


Customers in the UK also have the possibility to have their phone collected directly, please see for more details.

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Re: Lumia 800 Update Issues (Product Code: 059M539)

I am going to accept michaels response as a solution since having a phone collected and redelivered appears a decent path to follow, although I am disappointed it has taken this long to come to this conclusion. And this is just for the battery fix. Still waiting for this elusive hotspot update which was promised months and months ago.
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Re: Lumia 800 Update Issues (Product Code: 059M539)

Kosh wrote:

Hi all,


Thanks for your feedback and patience. In order for Lumia 800s with product code 059M539 to be updated to the current firmware revision we would like to ask you to visit a Nokia Care Point to have your device updated.


Please make sure you have your contacts and calendars synced with the services you use (Hotmail/Google/Exchange) and you have all your media files synchronized with your PC (through Zune) or Mac (through the connector). In case of a required hard reset these files and personal data will be deleted from the Lumia. After the update you can use the app Reinstaller to download all your free and paid for apps back to your Lumia.


Again, thanks for your patience.


Hi Kosh,


hopefully this is a one off solution, and not something that we need to do each time an update is released?




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Re: Lumia 800 Update Issues (Product Code: 059M539)

is there a plan to resolve the Lumia 800 USSD problem?


Also, tunlike the other Nokia phones, the gadget does not allow one to send a "Business card" . How does one enable this functionality.

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Re: Lumia 800 Update Issues (Product Code: 059M539)

ntebo wrote:

Also, unlike the other Nokia phones, the gadget does not allow one to send a "Business card" . How does one enable this functionality.

You should bear in mind that this a Windows (Microsoft) Phone first and a Nokia phone second. Many things you have previously taken for granted are no longer available and it is not Nokia's fault. This functionality is simply not supported by WP OS, so there is nothing you can do about it.


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Re: Lumia 800 Update Issues (Product Code: 059M539)

I had a update available message this morning and thought OMG wifi tethering is here..(the latest update)


In fact I've just updated and it's installed

OS: 7.10.8112.7

FW: 1600.2487.8107.12070


What a mess.. Finally got the last update 4/5 months late. :smileysad:

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Re: Lumia 800 Update Issues (Product Code: 059M539)

Hi RunSub,


You will be getting two more updates.

OS to 7.10.8773.98

Firmware to 1750.0805.8773.12220


The latter will include activation of tethering and 'flip to silence'.



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Re: Lumia 800 Update Issues (Product Code: 059M539)

[ Edited ]

I got one more:


OS: 07.10.08773.98


Checked for updates stays nothing futher available.


Kosh: By saying I'll be getting two more including the firmware, has the issue of this Cyan lumia 800 model number 059M539 not recieving updates without sending them off to NokiaCare to get the carrier updated been fixed then?


EDIT: Zune software thinks the phone is os: 07.10.08773.03