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Re: Lumia 920 battery life + heating up + freezi...

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Lumia 920 battery life + heating up + freezing

Hello Friends and Nokia Lovers...

                Any one using  Lumia 920, please can you help me in finding answers to following questions :?


1)  While using internet and phone for how long battery lasts ?

2)  While being used, does it get hot or over heated ? I just attended a presentation of iphone at Apple store in  new york they are saying Lumia gets over heated......

3)  At any stage deos it freeze ?


Thank you

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Re: Lumia 920 battery life + heating up + freezing

[ Edited ]

My screen has never frozen. Battery depends on the app, games, Nokia Drive uses battery fast. As a result it gets warm. Never used the internet for more than 30 minutes at a time and didn't notice a battery drain. Several apps still run, using location services ect, even when they are closed. This contributes to battery usage. Most probably charge every night.

What is overheat? I have never heard of one melting. To me that would be overheating. Any phone battery will get warm when charged or if there is a heavy load.

Apple can say what it wants. The 920 is a better phone, why would they try to single it out? Ask yourself that.

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Re: Lumia 920 battery life + heating up + freezing

my lumia 820 does that too !! latley I noticed that when I'm using 3G (skype,viber and even a regular web browsing) my phone gets over heated (the screen and the back of it) , I also noticed that the battery doesnt last for long , is this normal ?! or there is a problem with my phone ?! 

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