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Re: Lumia 920 lost cellular data after one hour

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Lumia 920 lost cellular data after one hour

[ Edited ]

My 920 lumia lost cellular data after one hour idle time.

Phone data indicator where you see you operator name show still 3G, H+ logos but you just cant use phone cellular data anymore.


Only way fix this problem is reboot  phone. After one hour idle time cellular data is gone again.


What i found, look like phone lost Puplic IP address and Standard Cellular Data test fail.
( i use WIndow phone App name "ActiveNet Now" to look what data connection is up and what is ip addresses)

I try to fix this all way, remove skype, Wi-Fi off, Bluetooth off, Cellular Data settings only 2G, 3G, Manual data access point settings.. no lucky.


Nokia Lumia Manufacure Model Name: RM-821_eu_finland_207
Operation system: 8.0.9903.10
Firmware: 1232.2100.1246.0001
SOC: 8960
Phone operator: Sonera


its rly annoying to reboot phone always when you need cellular data.

I want to see day when this phone work more than one day whitout  reboot.


Main reason to buy phone like this is internet services. Now phone more or less usless before i found solution to fix this main problem.


WP8 is main reason ?

Do i need to wait months to get phone back to work after next firmware upgrade ?


I am only one who have this kind of problem ?

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Re: Lumia 920 lost cellular data after one hour

hi mate,

I've had this issue with my network carrier, amongst a myriad of phones including my old N8 and even my partner's iPhone is unable to receive MMS until she turns the phone on and off again, or turns the antennas on and off again. I doubt it is actually the phone, and it sounds more like issues with reception and service of your network carrier, so I would check with them first, and also the condition of your microSIM card.
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Re: Lumia 920 lost cellular data after one hour

[ Edited ]

Thanks replay Adrian. :smileyhappy:

I already test another sim card, didint help.
Saddenly cant do anything else that sim card reader this time.


If sim card reader fail to read card, also GSM network lost ?

Another think is, if i turn phone flight mode on and turn that off again.. phone still didint use cellular data when its back to network..  ( 3G sympol is on, but cellular data just dont do anything ) and phone didint get any cellular data ip address.. After reboot everything work again.


I just dont get it what happend, what i know so far..  phone gsm mode turn off and on again didint fix this problem.
So its look like someting happend on operating system.


##3282# field test look like cellular data is on but wp8 didint cant use it some how..


I see you have 920 also ? you dont have problem like this ? What 920 firmware you use atm ?

I just dont want to send my phone on repair yet.. i whis this problem is not hardware..

There is still one think to do.. good dam factory reset.. i dont want to do that yet.. :smileywink:

btw, is there anywhere on wp8 bug list ? I rly want to see that..

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Re: Lumia 920 lost cellular data after one hour

Factory reset didint help on this.


Also new firmware didint fix Lumia cellular data problem.

WP8 work like need to be, look like problem is harware this time.


After new firmware phone give sim card warning after every reboot.


It says someting like: Phone didint find sim-card cellular data settings. Check sim card and if need call phone operator.


Same problem 2 diff sim cards..


Look more or less like sim card reader rly is broken like you say.. so next i need to send my phone local phone service... just dont have time to repair phone before MWC2013. 


More info after repair..



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Re: Lumia 920 lost cellular data after one hour

Did you find a solution to this?

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Re: Lumia 920 lost cellular data after one hour

[ Edited ]

Sorry Swastikrath, no soulution yet..


After 3 week, phone come back on Nokia Care service. ( Arvato services k.s. )


Symtom code: 4299
Fault Code: 110 Software Upgrade.

Service update only my Lumia 920 Firmware !?

They didint do anything else, thats take 3 weeks..

Phone didint work, still missing cellular data after 30 min or so..

Sim card reader is maby still broken. Saddenly they didint test that or its not give direct fault code.
This kind of problem is hard to simulate if problem dont show up right away..


Phone is tested now 3 diffrend sim cards,  didint help.


I need to send phone back to Nokia Care service after MWC2013.. new service take more or less 3 weeks waiting time again.. Saddenly no Nokia Care service on my City ( Tampere / Finland ) who rly can do something on Lumia 920. They send phone directly on main service...


I rly hope service find real problem this time. A bit sadd to send good phone back to service and wait long time again.. More info later..

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Re: Lumia 920 lost cellular data after one hour

hi mate,

sorry to hear you are still having problems. sadly in this case, you will need to persist with your Nokia Care until the issue is resolved to your satisfaction, this is the only option you have.
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Re: Lumia 920 lost cellular data after one hour

[ Edited ]
Dude i have exactly the same problem! I have to reboot my phone to use the internet. After a while it doesnt work anymore. Sometimes my phone even reboots by itself. Got a new simcard yesterday. Worked for a while then same problem. You have a solution yet??