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Lumia 920 stuck on turning cog wheels

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Lumia 920 stuck on turning cog wheels

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Looking for some help and advice on restarting my phone - I remotely erased it and since then all I get on the screen is the turning cog wheels.


What can I do?  It has run all night like this and powered off, when connected back to the mains, the cog wheels continued to turn


Any help or advice would be useful



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Re: Lumia 920 stuck on turning cog wheels

 You can try the following before taking it to a Nokia Care point for service.


Press and hold the Volume down and Power buttons for 12 seconds until the phone vibrates. This will hopefully reboot the phone. If not then try the following:- 


 Press and hold the Volume down + Power + Camera buttons until phone vibrates then release the power key but continue to hold the volume down and camera buttons for a further five seconds then release.


 If the phone sticks on the Nokia logo then try turning off the phone and removing the SIM. Then plug it into the wall charger for an hour and try switching it back on without the SIM inserted.


If none of the above works then it's a visit to Nokia Care I'm afraid.

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Re: Lumia 920 stuck on turning cog wheels


The 'pull battery'simulation on Windows Phone 8 is to press POWER and VOLUME down for about ten seconds.


This will behave as if you take the battery out and re-insert. The phone will be off after this. You can try to switch on.



If this does not help you can reset the phone, This WILL ERASE ALL USER DATA! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK


1. press POWER AND VOLUME DOWN to turn phone off

2. press POWER AND VOLUME DOWN again until an exclamation mark (!) appears



The phone should now reset and reboot.


If any of these steps are not successful it must be returned to Nokia for repair, see the support page for repair registration info and procedures


Click on the blue Star Icon below if my advice has helped you or press the 'Accept As Solution' link if I solved your problem..

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Re: Lumia 920 stuck on turning cog wheels

thankyou for this worked 1st time
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Re: Lumia 920 stuck on turning cog wheels

I been tried unsuccesfully all options available to reset my phone and always after the initial vibration a big battery logo with a red thin line appears. Does that means something ? Thank you.

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