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Lumia 928 - FM radio, Why did you not enable it ?

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Lumia 928 - FM radio, Why did you not enable it ?

Hey all,


I am really upset about this. For months I have been expecting and waiting GRD2 update to give me the FM radio feature and Now it finally comes down and it does not have FM radio on it. WHY ??????


Nokia publicy said that ONLY the Lumia 620 does not support FM radio. I can quote someone from the Nokia 800 number that the hardware supports it but waiting for the software update. I have seen on a site where the phone was pulled apart and confirmed it has the correct chipset for it. Microsoft enabled it in that version of the software (the version on my phone matches what Microsoft shows). With all the info that I have found, this phone 100% supports this feature, why was it not enabled ?


I use it to listen to sports radio, I can't get streaming but, I can get over local FM. Never mind streaming uses data as FM radio does not use any. MLB wants to charge me $40+ a year to stream games that I can get over FM.


This was a very long waited feature and I sold a HTC 8X to move to the Lumia 928, THe HTC 8X IS getting FM but, the high end 928 does not ?


The phone does not support it is BS, I want real reason WHY it was not enabled. Is this because Verizon did not want it enabled or is this because Nokia didn't want to enable it ?


No excuses any more, what is the story here ?

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Re: Lumia 928 - FM radio, Why did you not enable it ?


If Verizon did not block it it should be in the music hub.. Although it could be it needs to be enabled by a Nokia Settings app as some other functionality would.




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Re: Lumia 928 - FM radio, Why did you not enable it ?

Hi DavidinCT and Paulheu,


Here's the official announcement about the availability of FM radion to Lumia 928 after updating it with the Amber update:


The Nokia Lumia 928 does not have the hardware required for FMradio, but Nokia Lumia Amber brings the new Nokia Smart Camera.

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Re: Lumia 928 - FM radio, Why did you not enable it ?

That is just a scripted quote from Twitter, that is an excuse not a reason. I want facts. If I paid $550 for somethings and expected a feature to come down, I want more than a scripted. Someone needs to backup their facts with a source, not just more rumor.

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Re: Lumia 928 - FM radio, Why did you not enable it ?

[ Edited ]

It's a bit silly to buy something and expect it to have a certain feature in the future based on rumours, not facts.

Several WP8 models lack the required internal hardware to enable FM radio and Nokia never claimed that these models would ever get that feature. The missing hardware could be antenna linkages or even chips but thats irrelevant because it is not possible to enable FM radio on those models. If you want an official statement you need to contact Nokia US directly as they are responsible for that model. The users and moderators of this forum don't have access to information about decisions between Nokia and Verizon on whether a feature should be included or not.

All you can do is either buy an external FM headset, live without the feature or sell your phone. Either way there is nothing more that can be said here or done about it. Arguing about who's fault it is or why it doesn't have it is just pointless.