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Moving photos or music to SD card Lumia 820

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Moving photos or music to SD card Lumia 820

I own a lumia 820 and recently bought a SanDisk 32GB Class4 SD card.

I tried to move all the photos from phone memory to SD Card memory as described below:

1. Inserted new SD card

2. Selected all photos from 'Camera Roll' and choose 'save to SD Card'

3. After the copying is finished, i see a new album created with all the photos i chose to copy in step 2 with album name 'Date when i copied them'.

4. I selected and deleted all the files from 'Camera Roll' album.

5. After 1hr or so, i see that new album created on SD card has multiple copies of same photo. This was seen for few photos and not for all photos in the album.

6. I manually selected duplicate copies of the photos and deleted.

7. After few hours i see that original photos in new album are not seen. These lost photos are the same photos which i thought were duplicate(as seen in album) and deleted as mentioned in step 6.


Coz of this i have lost many photos and i cannot get those moments back.


Mean while i had also copied all the music files from phone memory to SD card memory similar way.

I see duplicate music files for half of my music collection. I am not willing to delete these duplicate files which will lead to deletion of original file.


I see that number of duplicate copies of same music files increased, ex; i see 28 duplicates for s same music file. this is annoying and makes music browsing an irritation.


Does anyone face this issue, have found any solution, did Nokia has acknolwedged such bugs.

Since i have a old macbook from 2008, i cannot connect my lumia 820 to my laptop. So backup is not a primary solution for me.


Any suggestion or help is most appreciated.


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Re: Moving photos or music to SD card Lumia 820

:smileytongue:Hello, I have a Lumia 620 and I had same problem with contacts and I've found out that they were sync to Windows Live which keeps in memory even what you have deleted, so pratically you're not deleting anything on the server but you can actually restore anything of what you think had be permanently ereased!!!! I didn't try to move pictures from the phone to the SD card, I do it with the computer and it works no problems. Are you sure it's not messing up with the sync? Probably I'm not of great help...anyway :smileywink:

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Re: Moving photos or music to SD card Lumia 820

I have turned of BACKUP option in settings on my lumia 820. I do not think this is a Sync issue.

There was no issue when i had set Phone memory for 'Music and Photos'. It all started when i set SD card memory for 'Music and photos'.


I found out in other forums that this duplication problem existed and not fixed by MS yet. Hopiefully they fix it soon.


I appreciate the effort you took to reply to my issue.

Thank you.

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Re: Moving photos or music to SD card Lumia 820

I m also experiencing the same problem.I have copied my photos from laptop to my Lumia 820.some photos were duplicated aurtomatically.Even while copying some vedios they are duplicating....and the worst thing is if a delete a copy of that vedio the other copy is not opening....Don't know what to do

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Re: Moving photos or music to SD card Lumia 820

I have only had my 520 for like under a week, and I noticed that problem today, I have tried everything but nothing. A factory reset works, but only for a bit, and I noticed it sometimes messes up the tags.


Any new updates coming to fix this problem?

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Re: Moving photos or music to SD card Lumia 820

Well I fixed it today by trying a card reader and that did the job perfectly. :smileyhappy:


It may only be temporary fix but at least I can enjoy my music out and about again without all those dups. :smileyvery-happy: