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Re: My experience with Lumia 810

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My experience with Lumia 810

Hi there,

I just switched from N8 to Lumia 810 WP8. i would like to share my basic short experience. Defenately better performance but this phone lacks basic phone functions. I tought I will get everything N8 has plus extras....


1.No silent option. Only Vib. To go to fully silent mode 4 steps are required....

2.No customizable profiles!

3.No notification light for missed calls/txt's!!!!!!! Or available app similiar to "nottifier" for Belle!

4.The dialer option loud speaker, mute... is one step away!

5. No clock or pop-up notification when the screen is locked!

6. No option for keeping screen unlocked!

7. No file manager! It is like buying an expensive closet with no option to choose where and how to put your stuff in it.

8. No way to send a file via Bluetooth to Mac or to browse the phone via Bluetooth or USB except limited Windows Phone app for Mac!

9. Closing an app takes many steps, one by one.

10. No option to kill certain apps that run on a background!

11. No optin to keep the status bar visible at all times. 

12. No alarm icon on the status bar,(when on)

13. No custom tone for messages/e-mail!

14. No data monitoring or counter.

15. No task manager.

16. Maps and Drive are not integrated.

17. No more walking directions voice guide.

18. No more showing the bus route when the focus is on an bus stop (NYC)

19. Drive here is in a beta version!!!! 

20. No live traffic on Here Drive.

21. No more offline search maps/drive.

22. Categories can't be shown anymore in offline mode. (ex. museums,shop,hotel....)

22. No option to choose an address from map on drive.

23. No separate volume control on here drive.

24. No option for custom colors for a single tile.

25. No call recorder available or Boldbeast alternative. Very important tool for business class phone. Some folks say because it is illegal. In my state it is not illegal to record a phone call.

26. No video call.

27. No export contacts to SIM.

28. No mark and add more than 1 contact at a time to a group or option to add contact to a group when saving initialy.

29..... I am sure there is more. The above is a list after less than 24 hours use. I hope that in the near future Nokia and Windows will upgrade this device to standards for $400-$500 phone wich will offer basic features...

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Re: My experience with Lumia 810

You really should have done your homework before buying into Windows Phone. I research all my phones before buying them so I'm not left with a long list of disappointments.

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Re: My experience with Lumia 810

[ Edited ]

I agree. I should've. The performance and speed is much better than Belle, but the above basic features are big MINUS for both Nokia and MS. Phone in beta for a lot of money... I have never expected that a newer Nokia will not be able to perform basic tasks that are simply accessible in older devices.... I am thinking of returning the phone and going to Android or IPhone.

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Re: My experience with Lumia 810

But WHY does a serious company as Nokia sell something that is far from fully developed, without mentioning it's a beta version? Undoubtedly Lumia miss a lot that has been standard on premium and mid-range phones for ages. Some of the functions are described in the specifications, some are not, and therefore impossible to check if you're not allowed to use the phone for a couple of days.


Legally, it might be correct to omit a lot of features and still keep the name of the app, as in the case of Nokia Maps / Drive. But is it a good business strategy to make so many loyal customers, buying first generation Lumia, **bleep** off, even if Nokia and their defenders can blame the customers?

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Re: My experience with Lumia 810

After 3 weeks playing with Lumia 810 Windows phone I have decieded to move back to my Symbian Belle. WP8 is a very good OS, but the phone capabilities, options, custom settings etc are not a step back, it is miles of steps back from what a phone should be. I expected everything that Belle has+ extras and development. Well, only the performance is better, everything else s+++s.  In addition the battery life is worst ever. I will give my "old" WP8 to my nephew who studies computer engineering. I whant him to see what he does not have to create one day.