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Re: New Lumia 925 = Grip of Death = disappointed =...

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New Lumia 925 = Grip of Death = disappointed = advice please

After using a Nokia Lumia 630 I decided to upgrade to a Lumia  925  ( unlocked  ) .  Over all I am happy with its performance apart from one annoying issue. I have searched and found many comments on the '' Grip of Death '' and my new 925 has this issue . 



The photographs show , the current situation 



I have tried the following , but the issue is still  the same . 


1. Using different SIM's using different carriers with different band frequencies 

2. Soft reset the phone 

3. Using the phone is several different geographical locations 

4. Turning Airplane mode off / on 



When physically holding the phone the over all quality of making and receiving calls deteraiates ( no matter how / where I hold the phone ) 



When the phone is not being physically held , and the calls are answered on the speaker , the over all quality is good .



When I first received the phone it was running 8.0 , but I never used the phone with a SIM card inserted, so I do not know if the same loss of signal issue was there , I updated the phone to 8.1 and then inserted a SIM .



Phone details 


Windows Phone 8.1

OS version 8.10.12393.890

Firmware revision number 3051.50009.1424.0001

Hardware revision number

Radio software version 3.2.04059.1


My Nokia Lumia 630 does not have this problem , using the same SIM's 



Any thoughts / suggestions / comments on my current 925 problem , most welcome








































Mobile Visionary
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Re: New Lumia 925 = Grip of Death = disappointed = advice please

Vodafone? What do they say of the problem?

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Re: New Lumia 925 = Grip of Death = disappointed = advice please

As I live in Thailand the phone is unlocked and I use pre paid SIM cards ,  every SIM card from different providers and different radio bands , ive tried still results in the same outcome . :smileysad:

Mobile Overlord
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Re: New Lumia 925 = Grip of Death = disappointed = advice please

hi mate have you checked if there is any physical damage to the handset/SIM tray itself? also try performing a hard reset...failing that, a trip to Nokia Care is in order.
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Re: New Lumia 925 = Grip of Death = disappointed = advice please

Hi adrianhughes , thanks for the comment 


The phone is only a few days old and is un marked ,  Ive tried several different SIM's in the SIM tray and can't see an obvious problem, It took me 4 hours to update the phone from 8.0 to 8.1 ( via my wifi ) so if I do a hard re set would I loose the update 8.1 ? ,  


Nokia care here in Thailand is not known for its customer service and is not normally a pleasant experience , and I think all I will be told is , the problem is to do with the SIM card provider and the phone is Ok . 


As the problem is only evident while physically touching the phone , I'm hoping that the phone case ive ordered may to some degree fix this annoying problem , if I hold the phone with a towel I can use the phone and theres no loss of signal strength bars .


I researched this phone before buying ( phone reviews ) and never saw the '' Grip of Death '' mentioned , my mistake in not doing more research .




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Re: New Lumia 925 = Grip of Death = disappointed = advice please

Ive been trying out a few more things with regard to the position of my hand on the phone and how the different hand positions affect the phones signal .



It seems that if I hold the phone and my hand touches the bottom right hand corner ( my normal hand position when using the phone ) the signal quickly reduces 


Holding the phone just by its sides and top and bottom seems not to affect the signal strength 



The SIM cards ive tried in the phone are 


1. 3G - 850mhz

2. 3G - 2100mhz


and they all produced the same results 



There is currently no 4G in my area 


To day ive ventured into the nearest city and the phones signal seemed to widely fluctuate and still have the same '' Grip of death '' problem .



one interesting item I came across is this ..



Avoid touching the antenna area while the antenna is in use. Contact with antennas affects the communication quality and may reduce battery life due to higher power level during operation.



I'm still confused why only some Lumia 925's have this '' Grip of Death '' problem and many don't ? 

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Re: New Lumia 925 = Grip of Death = disappointed = advice please

Heres a video of my brand new Nokia Lumia 925 and the Grip of Death 


Any one have the same problem