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Nokia 900 Flicking Homescreen When Pressing Power ...

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Nokia 900 Flicking Homescreen When Pressing Power Off Button...



As I just purchased this very nice device from a AT&T Corp Store-Glossy White...I'm curious if any of our collective membership have experienced this...


How do I restart a device which has an integrated battery if the device jams or freezes? - Nokia FAQ

To restart a device having integrated battery (e.g. Nokia N8-00, E7-00, N9, Lumia 800), press and hold the power key for about 8-10 seconds until the device switches off. Then you can switch your device on again normally.


When my device froze occured during a call and trying to navigate through a AT&T Corp Store Phone menu..trying to press the numerical keypad button to dial a 1, or 2...etc...the screen just locked up...speaker phone button also produced the same issue...

So when holding the power button (for 8-10 secs) like the above Nokia FAQ homescreen flickers...default wallpaper but it was noticeable...

This device has a 'green rounded sticker on box'...signifying a newly reflashed unit from the factory...

OS: 7.10.8112.7

Firmware Revision Number: 2175.1002.8112.12084

Hardware Revision Number: 112.1914.2.0


I have viewed these two threads and responded according:


Issue with nokia lumia 900 touch capacitive button...

Lumia 900 Vibrate rattle ?


I see that Kosh-Nokia has responded...which is nice to see...wil patiently await futher investigating/trouble-shooting methods from Nokia Labs...

I am completely enamoured with this wonderfully neat Euro-sleek device....and with a new flagship device, some of these glitches are expected....but with Nokia's reputation of 'solid hardware' it is surprising...

I keep my device very clean, and will list of my apps (not many-lol) if prompted...Thanks

Nokia Lumia 920 Glossy Red
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Re: Nokia 900 Flicking Homescreen When Pressing Power Off Button...

Apologies for the double-post...however upon further exploring...testing it seems that the home screen flickering occurs with the default aqua/blueish default wallpaper..when I changed to a darker color wall...I could not see this flickering.. Maybe color related..
Nokia Lumia 920 Glossy Red
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Re: Nokia 900 Flicking Homescreen When Pressing Power Off Button...

I had this same wallpaper flickering problem with all three of my Lumia 900's.  I'm going to repost the question.

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Re: Nokia 900 Flicking Homescreen When Pressing Power Off Button...

my Lumia 900 froze during navigating ( in a town I never been ,a real trouble)

.But a real trouble was that there was nothing I could do to restart it , held the switch off button couple of times for  suggested 10 second, even longer, nothing. It switched off only after battery drained out , about 1 hour, but by that time Lumia 900 was so hot I feared it could explode. Anybody had similiar problem ? should I ask a replacement ?