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Re: Nokia E7 successor, Windows Phone 8.

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Accepted Solution

Nokia E7 successor, Windows Phone 8.

Hi Nokia, quick questions.

Will you be releasing a WP8 version of the excellent E7-00? If so, will you pack it with features similar to Lumia 920 but *without* wireless charging...?


All the features of Lumia 920 - but without wireless charging. I'd like a quality QWERTY keyboard for blog writing on the move. Oh and the ability to load BBC iPlayer (Pureview camera system a MUST).




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Re: Nokia E7 successor, Windows Phone 8.

If you want something like E7 with a very good camera the Nokia Pureview 808 is the one for you. Due to different OS there is no such thing as a WP8 version of the E7 which runs Symbian Belle.

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Re: Nokia E7 successor, Windows Phone 8.

Would be nice I think, I love my E7-00 with its qwerty keyboard. I honestly cant see why they cant, but will nokia, design such a phone. I'm not sure guess we will have to wait to see what happens in the future.


I would like the option of wireless charging at least. At the moment you dont have to use the wireless chargiung if you dont want to, I think this is the best of both worlds. I have had too many problems with the plug socket for charging.


Oh a nice accessory for the lumia 920 or any of the wireless charging phones, A phone cradle that can charge as well, without having specific plugs on the bottom. 


The pureview 808 does seem like a nice phone, but hey the one thing that defines the E7 (and all the communicator ranges before it) is the keyboard, just not the same on any other phone.


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Re: Nokia E7 successor, Windows Phone 8.

That would be awesome : an E7 with WP8 and a pure view 8Mp.

I love my E7, I am about to buy a L920 but... not sure: it miss something, you know what I mean.


N97 & E7 keyboard type is something I want a keep all my life. I am working all day long with it.


Nokia, please do something

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Re: Nokia E7 successor, Windows Phone 8.

I know many people who would love to have an E7-like phone (with slided QWERTY keyboard). None of the other phone makers have anything like this. Well, they may have cheap version, but nothing high-end like Nokia E7. It would be very stupid if Nokia decided not to pursue this type of phone anymore. Please don't think that everybody wants to type on touch screen. I definitely don't.


I am currently using Nokia E7. And if this phone stops working today, I don't know what to buy as a replacement. So, please Nokia, give us an E7-like phone running Windows 8.

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Re: Nokia E7 successor, Windows Phone 8.

I agree, I love my E7 but it's getting near the end of it's life. The keyboard is fantastic. PLEASE Nokia make an upgraded model. I don't mind if it's windows 8. Just need the well built keyboard in a newer model.

If anyone has a phone with a full flip out qwerty keyboard their happy with let me know!


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Re: Nokia E7 successor, Windows Phone 8.

I'm also in love with the keyboard of Nokia E7, but I wish it had another operating system. The device is perfect, I really like its appearance and how fast I can type with its backlighted keyboard on the go and at night. I hate typing on touchscreen phones. With Nokia E7, it's fantastic.It's a very high-end phone. It suits perfectly for business purposes, but I would like to have the apps which are only available for IOS or Android, such as online banking and voip apps. However, the e-mail works great on Nokia E7 :smileyhappy:I hope Nokia luches a new E7 or releases an update to windows 8 for it.
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Re: Nokia E7 successor, Windows Phone 8.

I am so sorry, there is no E7-00 successor existing until today (2014-09-20). Please, dear admin, explain me, why it is marked with "Solved! Go to Solution".

Kind regards,

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Re: Nokia E7 successor, Windows Phone 8.

@Norbert_Albert I would also like a new Nokia with WP and hardware keyboard. A E7 with better hardware would be fantastic, but it will likely not happen. At least not with Nokia as MS owns their mobilebusiness now.

Regarding this thread, it's not really a big issue that it's "solved". As there aren't really any real solutions other than suggesting similar phones.

This thread is also almost 2 years old.

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