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Nokia Lumia 800 device Contact Sync with MSN Live

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Accepted Solution

Nokia Lumia 800 device Contact Sync with MSN Live

How does the sync from device to MSN live work in the Nokia Lumia phone?

If you purchase a Nokia Lumia, and the dealer synchs your old mobile phone contacts to Nokia Lumia using the contact transfer. In this process you have lots of stale contact which you don't want to retain. Now Lumia doesn't have pc connectivity software like earlier PC Suite or Ovi suite. these were the wonderful piece of sw, and you could update your contact, store on the outlook, and transfer then to and from the device.

But with Lumia you are at fix now. the only way currently appears to be deleting one by one from device.

There is a MSN account, and if you have a data connectivity then you can synch your contacts to your live account. Now you have the backup of the contacts in the server, which fortunately can be imported and exported from/to and excel.

I thought of using this for the bulk update of contacts, and the technical support team says, that if you delete the contact from the server, while switching your data connectivity from mobile, and then put it on, the new state will be, the device contacts will come to server, and the server contacts will go to the device. which means the contacts will get swapped. I somehow couldn't believe in this definition of synching, and I believe, the synching will then keep the sum of the two contacts in both the location, which means the server will be again full. and so will be the device.


Can anybody tell how does the synching works for Lumia with Live account? so that I can update my contact list on bulk?

I also request Nokia to provide a local piece of sw like PC Suite for the Lumia device, this will increase the sale significantly.  

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Re: Nokia Lumia 800 device Contact Sync with MSN Live

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Hi Akb_Ddn, when you update one of the details on your phone such as phone number or add a note into the contact, that information will be sync back to your Hotmail server contacts.


Even if your connection dies or put a new sim card in with a different network then it will still happen, and the same will happen if you edit any contacts in your Hotmail server using a computer to edit in bulk.


You can bulk edit on your phone but it will be easier to bulk delete contacts using a computer because you can select alot of contacts at the same time with one mouse click, but be careful not to delete any contacts you want to keep on your phone.


You can be safe by backing up all of your contacts from Hotmail by clicking on the "Manage" button and then clicking "Export" which will give you a file to download onto your computer just in case you need to get all of your contacts back onto Hotmail or your Lumia phone.

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Re: Nokia Lumia 800 device Contact Sync with MSN Live

Thanks DKNY2012,

I could not really understand the solution. Can you explain a bit more.


Say I have some 600 contacts in my Nokia Lumia Mobile (NLM), and the same get synched with the HotMail Server(HMS). so the situation is as follows:


State 1: NLM - 600 Old contacts  and HMS - 600 Old Contacts.


Switch off the mobile data connection in NLM. Export the HMS to an excel,  edit the excel and delete a lot of stale contacts, and update a few new, now we have say 350 New Contacts in the HMS. Delete all the contacts from HMS, and upload the newly created excel with new 350 New contacts.

Switch on the mobile data connection in NLM.


We have state 2.

what will be the state 2? The Nokia support guy in says which is hard to believe,  as follows:

State 2: NLM - 350 New contacts and HMS - 600 Old Contacts.


Can you confirm this?

Else please describe, as to how can I insert a new set of contacts, and remove the existing one in most efficient way. With PC Suite this was a cake walk.


thanks a lot in advance.

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Re: Nokia Lumia 800 device Contact Sync with MSN Live

Hi Akb_Ddn,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting!


Probably the easiest for your to do would be to install Windows Live Mail from the Windows Live Essentials. After installing this log in to Windows Live Mail with your LiveID. This will sync al contacts and calendars from your LiveID to Windows Live Mail. As these are now in sync with your Lumia as well you can simply edit, remove or add contacts however you like and the changes will sync to your Lumia automatically.


Hope this helps, let us know how you get on!


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Re: Nokia Lumia 800 device Contact Sync with MSN Live

You wont have 600 contacts in Hotmail server because you deleted them, and when you delete even one contact in Hotmail then it gets deleted from NLM because I tried it just now.  I deleted one contact a supermarket number when the phone was switched on and another contact with the phone switched off.  When I switched on the phone the contact disappeared from the phone.


So from this we know that if you delete all of your contacts on your Hotmail then your Nokia Lumia contacts will all be deleted from Nokia Lumia too, apart from the Facebook and Twitter contacts in the People window.


In Microsoft Outlook you can select a whole range very easily and export to .CSV format to upload to Hotmail, if you have Microsoft Outlook I think this is the most powerful and effective way but needs a few steps to do it depending on which version of Outlook you have.


For Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010, edit all of your contacts then go to the "File" menu, then click on "Options", then click on the "Advanced" button on the left side of the window that pops up.  After that move to the "Export" section on the right of the screen and click the Export button.


Now a menu opens.  You choose "Export to a file", then choose "Comma Seperated Values (Windows)", then choose the "Contacts" folder from the list that opens after that.  You will be shown a box to name and save the file that Outlook is about to make. 


When you save the file remember where it is, then go to Hotmail and look for the "Manage" button above the list of contacts, when you find the button click it and choose "Import" from the menu that opens up.


After that you will be taken to a different page, look for the words "Add people from other services" and underneath that is a list of pictures and one of those pictures has the word "Outlook" next to it.  Click on the word "Outlook".  Then you will be taken to a new webpage.


When you reach the new webpage make sure you look at the words on that webpage called "Step 2" and make sure there is a green dot beside the words "Microsoft Outlook (using CSV)".  Now go to the words called "Step 3" and you will see a button called "Browse".  Click on the "Browse" button and then a box will open up asking you to find the file you exported from Microsoft Outlook, which I explained how to do earlier.


You can also use this process to export calendar from Microsoft Outlook to Hotmail, which will then sync the calendar on your Lumia phone too.

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Re: Nokia Lumia 800 device Contact Sync with MSN Live

Thanks a lot DKNY2012.

I could export the updated contacts now to my Nokia Lumia.


However there is a small error, while uploading some of my mail Id's also have got transferred to the NLM. Now I am deleting them one by one, but this may be the MS server problem, or we tried to put the inteligence to a dumb sw, so it may be erring.


Neverthless this helped a lot. thanks once again.

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Re: Nokia Lumia 800 device Contact Sync with MSN Live

No problem.  Yes even the Hotmail email addresses in your Windows Live account will be put onto your phone if you are using a Hotmail account you have used for a long time.  This gives you the advantage if you plan on emailing them with the Nokia Lumia.


What I did was make a fresh new Hotmail account and then export from Outlook then I only got the contacts synced from Outlook as there werent any other email addresses already in the Hotmail from a long time ago

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Re: Nokia Lumia 800 device - mass delete of contacts

I got my Lumia 800 about 6 months ago, when I transfered my contacts from the HTC via bluetooth, it transferred all 500 contacts plus another 2500 that I dont know or know why they were transfered. It wont allow me to mass delete these contacts, I have to do them one by one which is frustrating, very frustrating.

Some of these contacts it says are Windows Live contacts I dont use Windows Live and never have so I didnt have these contacts in Windows Live when I purchased the phone, its a real mystery.

I use Outlook but I dont really keep my contacts in Outlook only in my phone, this is a real quandry and one I have to say lets Nokia and the Lumia model down big style.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Nokia Lumia 800 device Contact Sync with MSN Live

Hi Guys,

I don't know if this thread is still alive, but I am unable to sync contacts on my wife's Lumia 800 phone to her Live account.

Any new contact created on live account, automatically gets downloaded to her phone but, none of the New or Old contacts created on her phone get uploaded to her account.

Please let me know any solution, I have tried same with her Google account too but, the effect is same, so I am assuming that the problem is on the phone side.
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Re: Nokia Lumia 800 device Contact Sync with MSN Live

Hi Rajuquaza,


Welcome to Nokia Forum!


Is there any error message? Which internet connection are you using? Are you using 3G or WLAN?  Normally, your contacts should be synchronized with your Primary Live ID or Microsoft account provided that you have a working internet connection on the phone.

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Re: Nokia Lumia 800 device Contact Sync with MSN Live

I have just discovered that on my Wifes Lumia 520 and my Lumia 620 if you go to 'People' then 'Setting' then scroll down to find the accounts, select and hold the account name and a box pops up which will force a sync.

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Re: Nokia Lumia 800 device Contact Sync with MSN Live

i have all my contacts in windows live  , but i need to delete all my contacts in my lumia 800 .. do i have to delete them one by one our can i do it anopther way .... ???? new phone coming today 1-5pm