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Nokia Lumia 900 Macro Mode

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Nokia Lumia 900 Macro Mode

My wife and I both got the Nokia Lumia 900 on ATT last weekend. After a few weeks with the my 900, i have noticed a severe problem with the camera where it does not focus on close subjects. This is particularly evident when you try to photograph things very close like flowers or something. Even if your put the camera into "Macro Mode" it will attempt to foucs, but will go back to a preset.


Coming from a Mango Samsung Focus - which had no problems focusing at all, this has become very evident as i played with taking macro photos over the weekend.


Repro steps:

1. Open camera

2. Turn off flash

3. Focus on object 4-5 inches from phone (I used a flower in garden)

4. you can see camera focus, see the detail, then it goes back to a preset

5. Turn on Focus Mode "Macro"

6. Attempt to focus again, and you will see the same occur - tries to focus, then goes back to a preset point


I literally tried over a dozen times to get a few photos of some objects over the weekend with very little luck.


What i founde:

If the object your focusing on takes up most of the screen, it then is better at finding focus. When you have subjects in the background (like a flower in front of a garden) the focus points seem to balance against the background.


Macro should really be a center point focus where the only focus point used is the center point. I have reproduced this perfectly on my wifes phone multiple times. It is more evident when your outdoors.


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Re: Nokia Lumia 900 Macro Mode

I find that the camera makes a small effort to focus on the closest item in the center where I'm pointing the sensor area, but then it sees something off to the side in the background and focuses on that instead. Macro mode makes no difference to the behaviour.

This is on a Lumia 800.


I'm hoping they'll notice and fix it some time.


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Re: Nokia Lumia 900 Macro Mode

I found the same problem in my Lumia 800. The macro does not work even I select macro in focus mode. The applications as  QR Code reader or ShopSawy do not work too, they cannot focus on close code/object.  I have firmware 12070.

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Re: Nokia Lumia 900 Macro Mode

Hi arkaban,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum!


Did you try using the QR reader which is built in to the Lumia by pressing the search button and then the eye icon which will bring up the camera and you should be able to scan a QR code from there. If you can't I suggest you contact a Nokia Care Point to have the Lumia checked.


Hope this helps, let us know how you get on.


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Re: Nokia Lumia 900 Macro Mode

[ Edited ]

Best way to do macro with lumia is to set scene mode and focus mode to Macro and use touch to focus. Hold finger on screen on focal point and keep it there untill camera takes picture, I have got good results this way, far better than using physical key !!2938&parid=45A20422...!2933&parid=45A20422...!2900&parid=45A20422...

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Re: Nokia Lumia 900 Macro Mode

Hi Kosh

at first I could not find eye icon, then I realized it could be with relation with my region. I cleaned the mobile phone and setup  US instead of my CZ . After completion installation search button started other Bing screen with eye icon.  Built QR reader worked but the reading was not reliable - sometimes it found different results. I decided compare my Lumia with another one. The second Lumia worked perfectly it focused on close object when I touched the screen. As consequence of that my Lumia is now in service care point...