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Nokia lumia 800 charging problem

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Nokia lumia 800 charging problem

These past days I noticed, when I charge up my phone it won't charge up...

It vibres and it shows it's charging but the battery logo will stay the same or decrease instead of charge...

If I let it "charge up" for a hour or longer etc.


So sometimes I have to reconnect it and it will work but I'm never sure if it wil work or not.

And it's getting fustrating I had the phone for like 6 months now and I love it.

But now in the last 2 weeks this charging problem is really anoyying.

I'm a heavy user so at the end of the day when I go to sleep I charge it up but ya when I wake up and the battery is only 20% or less it doesn't make me really happy.


So any idea how to fix this or should I contact nokia? if so how do I contact them?

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Re: Nokia lumia 800 charging problem

Hi, you can contact Nokia here or visit your nearest care pint. Also do you use the charger provided with the Lumia or an old usb charger ? and have you checked for any software updates on Zune . You could also try connecting to your computer for a few minutes and seeif that charges ant better and also charging before the phone drops bellow 20%.

Good Luck

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Re: Nokia lumia 800 charging problem

Is it the crahger? My one-week old Lumia 800 charger stopped working so I had to replace it. Try charging from computer or another charger to see if the issue is with the phone or the charger. But whatever the outcome it will be a service issue.

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Re: Nokia lumia 800 charging problem

my nokia lumia won't charge either. the cap which went over where you plug it in came off after it was leaning against the charger when charging it and became bent to a bent it back and it eventually came off. that was about 2 months after i got the phone. then 6 months after i got the phone i woke up one moring and looked at my phone which had been charging all night... it had 9% battery remaining i tried everything and didnt realise what the problem was. i tried a new cable, a different charging point, everything but it wasnt charging. i then thought it must be something wrong with the charging point inside the phone so i put the charger in and pulled the charging bit in the phone forward and it began to charge! i then kept it in place there with hairbands but now a month later it wont charge no matter what i do and my phone is now dead because of it. the phone looks in good condition apart from the missing cap over the charging point.

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Re: Nokia lumia 800 charging problem

Mine is doing this I went back to o2 and was told I need to back up everything as the phone would be wiped.. but I cant do that as it wont stay connected to the computer long enough to do so 

 I went for a nokia because have always found them to be reliable... wish i hadnt now 

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Re: Nokia lumia 800 charging problem

i am also having problems charing my phone it as to be on a certain angle in the charge plug socket on me phone and a few times now i have been late for work due to my phone dying over night and sometime the ping come on to say its charging and the plug symbol is on me phones battery icon but then whe ni gt up i unplug the charger to find out that the charger as either just kept it alive over night so when i've unplugged it it dies like it did today and its getting annoying now but i do have to say i have had mine for over 12months now but its becoming very very annoying that i either have full charge coz i have got the angle right on the charger plug or it dies before i can do anything with it.

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Re: Nokia lumia 800 charging problem

There was I, in the middle of a crowded city centre (and I hate large crowds) looking to buy a new mobile phone. My target was the 'New Nokia (fancy smartarse touch-screen windows phone) 800 Lumia'. Well, nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to experience within hours of my new purchase. As most know, whenever you buy a new phone you must charge it up for 16 hours. This time they didn't say that. Should have smelt a rat then but didn't. Blinded by new piece of technology, I placed it on charge a did what everyone else does when they get a new phone, yes, I did a 'Dom Joly'.  Whilst playing around with its features, the phone shut down. Whilst, yeah whilst phone was (supposedly) on charge. 


After reading some of these post/comments, this topic is now making my blood boil with seething rage. In one post, it suggests that you try to angle the jack that goes in to the port under the phone it such a way and it will suddenly spring in to action and start to charge. In another, it says that he put it on charge overnight and upon waking, he noticed that either he had a power out during the night, or the cat pulled it out or my personal favourite, "THE DAMN PHONE JUST DOESN'T CHARGE AT ALL" subsequently, the guy was either late for work or was fired as a result of being late. I have had the charger in my phone every which way but loose and it still doesn't wanna charge. 


In a response from Nokia themselves, they said; "call us from your handset". Well, that was it. ("Cue the red mist".) So, after the 6th digit, thats, right, MY PHONED DIED. Phone us from your handset indeed. 


They won't even pay for it to be returned as I did not buy from a Nokia store. Anyway, does anyone have a glimmer of hope for me and my new £300 door stop to see if I can get beyond the Nokia screen upon switching it on?  


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Re: Nokia lumia 800 charging problem


The days of having to charge for x hours before use are long behind us. No need for that at all, in fact current battery technology is not meant to be fully charged/discharged. Just charge as you can..


Your 'story' is quite a reads a smells like sensationalism more than an actual story. If someone gets fired for being late (once) they have a **bleep** employer, more likely the person in question had a habit of being late and just tried and justify his behavioural issues on this incident and even then I would doubt the story.


Are there instances of a phone not charging? Sure, I have no doubt. Is this a structural problem? I very seriously doubt it. Still stinks when it happens to you, but it's not anything widespread..


Lastly, the Lumia 800 today is a two year old phone and while still a decent phone nowhere near the forefront of technology. Honestly my friend, your story is nice and all, but I have a feeling it's just that. guess you needed to vent some.. noted..




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