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Problem with Nokia Lumia 925

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Problem with Nokia Lumia 925

This is what i encountered with my nokia Lumia 925 after 3 days of usage, i am not sure anyone besides me, facing the same problem.


- Overheating, after taking few photos, the phone feel a sudden of heat near the camera.

- Freeze, the phone freeze sometimes, and auto turn off the wifi, when you open it, it says you need to restart the phone, before can turn on the wifi.

- Music + videos apps, when you swipe your music in the apps, the apps freezes, but music still playing. Frustrated when you trying to change tracks.

- Video, i transfer some of my video via windows 8 to the phone, some of it lagging while playing the video. i have try numerous video format, it is still the same. I think it is a software problem. It works fine on my old lumia.

- Auto reboot, my phone has been reboot for 2 times, one time is after a called,another one is after i finish using my wechat application.


Lastly, i love lumia 925, i think the design and the pictures capability are what i really in love with, but i hope someone from nokia could tell me how to solve the above problems.



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Re: Problem with Nokia Lumia 925

Did these issues only started after 3 days or have you been experiencing the issues since day one? Have you tried rebooting and resetting your phone?

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Re: Problem with Nokia Lumia 925

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I have had a similar problem, my Lumia 925 is about two weeks old and was working very well.


Then two days ago I noticed it started consuming the battery more quickly, or perhaps the battery indicator was faulty I do not know. I tried charging it several times but it never reached beyond about 97% and would quickly drop back to 75% after disconnecting the cable. Then I realised I had not reboot for a couple of days so I did that and the battery indicator said 100% and everyhting seemed normal for several hours.


Later while I was driving with it in my shirt pocket all of a sudden the temperature climbed dramatically. So much so I thought it might catch on fire and I had to quickly take it out of my pocket. I estimate the outer case and screen felt like hot water straight out of the tap, 50~60°C. The center of the screen was hot and the back panel above and below the camera was also hot. The display appeared dimmed and the battery indicator had again fallen below 75% after only reading 93% when I first got in the car just a few minutes earlier.

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Re: Problem with Nokia Lumia 925

Ive had my phone 4 weeks. The first thing i noticed was that i didn't get any notifications of messages from any website, apart from whatsapp. I had to change my settings to get notifications by text on Facebook but still missing all the others. For a phone that sells

itself as perfect for social networking, its rubbish !


them the battery started losing power and ran out after 4 hours. That's been fixed


now i cant get whats app notifications!!!


 With a son abroad it was perfect for communicating cheaply. And despite several calls to Nokia and varying advice, no one knows what they are doing. Its rubbish.


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Re: Problem with Nokia Lumia 925

Hi! I'm currently also using a Nokia Lumia 925
When i got my phone, it overheated quickly too, but after a while, now the battery runs a flat 12-18 hour usage for me. Auto rebooting happens when the phone see's the need to reboot, whether is it a problem or something else. For the rest of the issues, a good ol' restart SHOULD fix the problem
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Re: Problem with Nokia Lumia 925

I have also faced some problems and shortcommings with my new Nokia 925.


I have  Nokia E 7, and did not want to get a new phone, because I loved the full keeboard on it. But then the nokia sybian system died out. And I thought... Now is the time to get a new one.


The funktions I miss on my 925 is:


* How can I make profiles with different settings on, like silent- loud- with or without vibation on... I se no such funktion anymore. Is there a app that I can add ? Also I could put on a profile to run out after some time, now I don't see any way to do this anymore.


* In my calender, how can I change the sound og the calendar alarm... It is now so low and difficult to hear.


* can I temporarily turn on powersaving funktion and if how ?


* Where to choose the ringingtone to not first be low, and then go up in sound volume ?


If anyone have som solutions, I would be most gratefull :smileyhappy:

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Re: Problem with Nokia Lumia 925

I've found my phone is glitchy too. I've had mine for 6 months now and its only just started.
It turns itself off, still sounding alerts though, it wont turn on and the bottom lights just flash at me. I've found that if it doesn't have a case on it, it doesn't become glitch, probably because it doesn't have another layer to keep the heat in.

Also to turn your phone back on just press every button on your phone and it will tell you whether its the battery or it will just turn back on. But leave it for a couple of hours before you do this, it may just need to cool down if it has overheated.
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Re: Problem with Nokia Lumia 925

Hi, Di_vico. Does this mean you are not using the case anymore? Do you have a Lumia 925 as well?

As the concern is present with a case on, try doing the below steps. Let's check if these will correct it.

1. Press and hold the volume down and the power buttons at the same time until you feel a vibration (about 10-15 seconds). Your phone will restart automatically.

2. Check that your device is running the latest software version. Go to Settings > phone update.

Make sure that all the system apps are updated. You can go to Settings > applications > store > check for updates. You can also scan the QR codes from the below link:

Keep us posted.

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