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Problems Lumia 822

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Problems Lumia 822

Hi I bought a Lumia 822 with verizon, I unlock the pone with the carrier  for use with another sim, since the cellphone update automatically firt to portico and then to another version in may, since then the cellphone was a garbage dont send sms but I can recive before that I installer access point to save tehe configuration to use internet and sms and fix the problem to connect to internet and send mms, but the issue for sending sms was continuing only the access point fix the problem that I can´t connect to internet, but now again with the new update in tis month may the problems are more, first the principal problem that i cant send sms continue, second Now I cant not save the configuration to use again the internte and mms and the cellphone ends the calls  randomly, the firs software that had the cellpone was the version Lumia 822 1532.2108.1244.0003 SW release the sw factory, then the second was the portico update and now in may the phone recive again and update  Lumia 822 1532.5951.1250.1012 SW  and the cellphone works terrible, the updates only do that the phone dont work , How can I put the originall software whre i can send sms, surt in the web, can call ??? Is a garbage the software a smartphone that only do calls 

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Re: Problems Lumia 822

The Lumia 822 is a dedicated handset model modified and produced specifically for use on Verizon. It is not intended to be used on other networks and both hardware and software are modified accordingly. There is nothing wrong with your handset, you are just trying to use it in a way it is not intended to be used. Verizon have ordered their own exclusive handset version from Nokia and have the right to introduce whatever restrictions they see fit - incl. restricting the ability to edit access points.


Having said that, I am not aware of any DIY option to restore your original firmware, at least not one which can be discussed in this forum. You could try asking a local Nokia care Point to do it for you, although I wouldn't hold my breath.

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Re: Problems Lumia 822

I have the Lumia 822, works fine in the US.

Took it overseas ( Finland ) last week, bought a prepaid SIM card with "Data and talk time". (Saunalahti/Elisa)

I could make phone calls with no issues.

I could NOT get on the internet with the "Data", It would say "no connection".

I could NOT pick up any WIFI signals in known WIFI areas ( "Open" signals).

Took the phone to 3 different Saunalahti/Elisa stores/providers, they all spent about 25 minutes each

trying to get the data connection and WIFI to work ( re-doing settings, re-checking everything. They were unable

to accomplish anything, they could not even pick up thier own WIFI signal within the store.


They took the SIM card out, replaced it with several other new ones, same issue. They put the card I bought

into thier own phones and it worked flawlessly.


The 822 WOULD pick up a "shared internet" signal from my friends phone when he "opened" it and I entered his code.


The maps of Finland i downloaded worked fine ( no data connection needed) unless you want to use the " HERE Transit " need a data connection. Hence the problem of no connection.


Does or has anyone had an issue with the Lumia 822 overseas ( Europe primarily) NOT being able to get a Data connection with a pre-paid SIM card ? Any idea what or why the problem existed ?

Any suggestion would be appreciated !



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Re: Problems Lumia 822

As already explained above, the 822 is a Verizon handset with firmware restrictions on using/creating APNs different from the default embedded Verizon ones.

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Re: Problems Lumia 822

[ Edited ]


Thanks for your responce.

Now that I have educated myself more on what a APN is, I now know why my phone wasnt doing what i THOUGHT it should have done.


When i first bought the phone it was advertised as a Global phone, meaning it would work (for the most part) anywhere in the world .


The firmware that was installed in the phone at the time of purchase, WOULD have allowed me to access the WIFI and Data on the pre-paid SIM card I purchased in Finland BECAUSE the FIRMWARE installed at that time would have ALLOWED me to change the APN setting (access point name) therefore allowing the phone to detect everything in the prepaid card.


sooooo...NOW...(a few months ago)....Nokia and Verizon ( more so Verizon) sent out a REVISED (updated) FIRMWARE to phones TAKING AWAY the capability of the user to change the APN setting !!!


So your right 93tid...there is nothing wrong with the 822 when the issues with WIFI, Text Mess ect  happen to people that have these phone OUTSIDE the US.


So like you said...there is no " FIX" was something Verizon decided to do with their service and they have a right to do so ( or do they ? FCC Regulation violation? ).


Unless you still have the old firmware installed on your 822...your basiclly screwed outside the US accept for basic phone calls. want to follow others posts here and " Flash'' the old firmware back on your phone...something i dont have the nerve to do because if it goes wrong, I'll have a new paperweight !


So I would not be looking for an updated firmware " resolving" the issues the revised firmware that they sent out caused.

I think they did it on why would they "fix" what they intended it to do ???


All i can suggest is to call Verizon ( as high up as you can get)...voice your concerns, complain

Call Nokia and do the same.


I Know I have an dont plan on stopping.

I bought the phone with BECAUSE it had the capablities I THEY changed those capabilities !!


Its like buying a good cup of coffee...they charge you for it and then bring you a cup of luke warm water and say screw you......


Just doesnt seem right.....


Good luck to all.....if you dont let them KNOW your unhappy about the firmware change they made...nothing will get done.



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Re: Problems Lumia 822

There is a new update for the Access Point app released today,  there are some reports that this might resolve part of this problem. You can force the update via the Lumia pusher (free) app from the store. Worth a try....

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Re: Problems Lumia 822

Just download the access point option fom Microsoft