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Silent Mode on Nokia Lumia 520

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Silent Mode on Nokia Lumia 520

October 22, 2013


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Dear Sir,

                                                Sub: Nokia Lumia 520


Few days back I purchased a Nokia Lumia 520.  I found a couple of features not there, but most important noted was there was no “Hand Book” / User’s guide as supplied with all other

Older models of Nokia.  I was previously having the Nokia E51 and everything was clear as crystal in the User’s guide.


In the Nokia Lumia 520 I wanted to put the phone on “Silent” mode but could not find any means to do so, I went back to the showroom where I purchased the phone.  They too could not find how to put the phone on silent mode.  In the end it was suggested to reduce the volume to nil and keep the vibrating alert on. No one could find the “Silent” mode.


Please advise


Thank you


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Re: Silent Mode on Nokia Lumia 520

Lumia 520 User Guide is here


There is no Silent mode toggle on the 520 as such. All you do is to press and hold the vol down button to bring the volume to 0. If you think about it, it is quicker to do this (pressing just one button) than to go through menus to enable or disable Silent mode. 

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Re: Silent Mode on Nokia Lumia 520

See your other post for information...

"When all else fails, read the instructions"
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Re: Silent Mode on Nokia Lumia 520

It may be easier to follow this : Just press the Volume key for a moment .. It will bring up the Volume Control Bar at the top of the dispaly.. Just tap on the Ringer (Bell) Icon and it will go in to 'Silent' mode ..Repeating the steps will remove the 'Silent' mode and set the Volume back to the earlier level ..

You may refer Pg. 18 of the User Guide for more ...

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