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Totally ridiculous.... Lumia 800 won't sync my con...

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Totally ridiculous.... Lumia 800 won't sync my contacts.

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I've been having this problem for a while now (~1month) with my company phone I use for business and would need this basic functionality to work to be able to change my broken Lumia800 (speaker is kaputt) to a new one (which I already have sitting on my table).


Anyway. The phone will not sync my contacts to my Windows Live account. Firstly I received error message 86000108 and after discussing this with Nokia support they supposedly did something to my account and the sync issue got a bit further. But now the error code is the same and the message reads "Filed as: LastName, FirstName,  This contact couldn't be updated on server" and there are three of these contacs.


Still my Live-account email syncs just fine, but the contacts will not. And now the Nokia support has also been silent for a while.

I've tried to google this and tried every trick i've been able to find. Even removing the troublesome contacts from my phone and Live-account won't help, the error message remains the same even if the contact in question does not exist anymore.


So, are there any experts out there or someone who has found a solution to this problem. Pretty soon my Lumia800 will be the last Nokia phone i will ever own. And i will have to transfer my contacts to my new phone by hand.... totally ridiculous!


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Re: Totally ridiculous.... Lumia 800 won't sync my contacts.

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Hi KimmoR,


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forum.


Are the contacts linked to your Windows Live account? You can find out by opening them where at the top of the screen you will find the linked sync service. Also you mention three contacts not getting synced. Does that mean that the remaining contacts are? Also do you use multiple services which sync contacts like gmail or Exchange?


Also please be aware that the Windows Live service is a Microsoft service and that we have no access to it what so ever. As such it is not possible for us to 'do something to your account'. The error code 86000108 is a Microsoft code which refers to an issue with the mail server. You can find more information here.


Can you forward me the reference number from your contact with Nokia Care in a PM so I can verify it's status for you.


Let us know how you get on with this.


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Re: Totally ridiculous.... Lumia 800 won't sync my contacts.

Hi Kosh,

and thanks for the quick reply.


Yep, the contacts are linked to Windows Live account in the phone. And actually I tried to add a contact and added it to my company's Outlook account in the phone. As a result the one contact syncs fine to my Outlook in company laptop. 

No contacts are synced. I can also change my Live-account password to any random string and the error message in the phone stays the same, so it seems that the phone does not even ever try to contact the Live-account. Which points to the thing that there is something wrong related to the phone software and the way it handles the contacts.

I have also tried to remove all other accounts from my phone, Outlook, LinkedIn, Gmail and Faceboo. Does not help.


To sum up: remove the contacts in question from the phone and change the phone's Live-account password to totally wrong one => error message stays the same. Same three contacts, not even existing anymore, are mentioned.  


As I was in contact with your support (code 1-12508480052) earlier, something happened and I was actually able to get the sync process a bit further. Earlier error code was the same, but the message was "Windows Live error, not updated, error code 86000108". And after talking to your support, the message changed to what I wrote earlier. So something happened, was it some higer power or your support, I don't know.


An yes, i've tried alla methods mentioned in your link to MS support page.


I issued a new support request today, as the earlier went dead for some reason. The new code is 1-12651397458.







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Re: Totally ridiculous.... Lumia 800 won't sync my contacts.

Answering to myself.... finally got it working. Thus, not with standard tools....


1) Used commercial App from AppStore to make a backup of my contacts and to upload it to SkyDrive. This backup was a single VCF-file with multiple contacts in it.

2) Edited the backup file with online VCFeditor/filter to trasnfer the multi-contact VCF into CSV-file. This was because Windows Live -account will accept only CSV-formatted file. Actually had to tinker around with different filter-settings of the online VCF editor/filter to find an acceptable VCF-format.

3) Deleted all my Windows Live -account contacts from web service.

4) Imported the CSV-file into WindowsLive -account contacts.

5) Fired up my new Lumia800 and set up excactly the same WindowsLive-account details as in my old Lumia.

6) Contacts were synced to my new phone from the WindowsLive -account.

7) Old phone still does not work.


So if somebody has this problem, there is atleast a commercial solution for backing up you contacts. Now if somebody would develop an App for backing up and restoring also my SMS-messages.....



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Re: Totally ridiculous.... Lumia 800 won't sync my contacts.

I realize you found a solution to your problem, but what you were asking and the "solution" doesn't make any sense.


So are you saying you could create a new Windows Live Contact on your Lumia, but it would not sync back to Windows Live?  I have never had that issue, dating back to when I first bought the original Samsung Focus (Gen 1 Windows Phone.)  I just created one on my Lumia 900, and it synced just fine to my Windows Live account, and even showed up in Outlook (as I have the Hotmail Outlook Connector installed.)  Were you able to send and receive email from your Live/Hotmail account on your Lumia?

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Re: Totally ridiculous.... Lumia 800 won't sync my contacts.



yes, that is what I am saying. New contacts or changes to the old ones did not sync between the phone and MS Live -account anymore and I got the error messages mentioned above. Which actually did not make much sense, because the phone nor the MS Live-account did not even contain those contacts. Or the phone's Live account password was set to garble and the phone still gave the same error messages (did it even try to sync anything?)


And yes, I was able to send and receive mails with the phone from the MS Live -account (of course when the password was the right one). Only the contacts were somehow messed up.


The target for me was to be able to get all contacs out from my old Lumia and get them to the MS Live account and from there to my new Lumia. The solution i found with commercial apps was the way to go, with some tinkering on the side. And as said, the new Lumia does sync everything just fine with the same MS Live -account, where the old Lumia did not.


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Re: Totally ridiculous.... Lumia 800 won't sync my contacts.

1) Used commercial App from AppStore to make a backup of my contacts and to upload it to SkyDrive. This backup was a single VCF-file with multiple contacts in it.


Which one did you use?

I have exactly the same problem but I can´t find any good app to export contacts.

I tried ContactsBackUp and contactSaver but I couldn´t get any of them  to send an email with my contacts.


I also like to know if you have an Xbox account that is connected to your hotmailadress?


Could a large ammount of contacts be a problem for making a backup?