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Re: hotmail has stopped working on my nokia lumia ...

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Accepted Solution

hotmail has stopped working on my nokia lumia 920

t suddenly stopped . Can't send or receive messages. Those I try to send end up as Drafts or in the Outbox


 I get this message


We weren't able to send this message, so we've put it in your Drafts folder. Before you try sending it again, you can check to see if the address is correct and that no attachments are too large.




there have been no large messages...



under Emails and Accounts in settings there's a message that says " not up to date" and when I click on the emails and accounts a further message saying


Hotmail error , Error code one


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Re: hotmail has stopped working on my nokia lumia 920

Can you still access it via your PC? I had a similar issue on a previous device and it were because someone had been trying to access my quite frequently from an unknown location, i had to change my password and authorise my mobile devices on the hotmail website...

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Re: hotmail has stopped working on my nokia lumia 920



first thing bevor i write is, i dont use a Lumia 920 i use a Lumia 900. The difference between the devices is only the operating system and a few little things, but this is not noteworthy.


Try a few things out, because i had a similar problem with my Lumia 900 and now it works again. Yes sometimes i also get an error message, like "no service available" or that the synchronization did not work properly or sometimes i get the error, that hotmail have troubles please try it again later. So you see there can be a lot of issues especielly by checking email on a telefon.


This only for your information @abbipj. Okay lets see your problem.


Have you checked under settings/email+accounts/your hotmail account for example@, if there is all correct filled in, perhabs look also if Content to synchronise is hooked.

If there is a problem you should change it


What you can also do is to erase the account from hotmail (only on the phone ), restart your phone and under settings/email+accounts you can try to type all information again from your existing hotmail account.


Check if your date+time is set correct, perhaps that is a problem, often it cant synchronize because of a wrong date or time.


Perhaps the server on hotmail have troubles and doesnt work well and if you try it later, it works well again on your phone.


I give you only the information that I did make in your case. Everything you want to try being your own risk.

Hope you get some tipps about your problem.


Wish you a nice day


Best regards



Martin S.
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Re: hotmail has stopped working on my nokia lumia 920

I thinkmy problem has resolved . I went tyo Hotmail and had to stick in a uniqu number veryfying code ( do you know if when you do this it is CAPS sensitive - it was so confusing working out what was a small or Capital letter ) ...


that seemed to have sorted out the problem .


By the way there appears to be no way of deleting the MICROSOFT ACCOUNT from Emails + Account - you can delete other accounts that have been set up ... 

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Re: hotmail has stopped working on my nokia lumia 920

Hello I ha a problem with my hotmail sync when I try to sync it's told my "error code: 85010014" what can I do? Thanx!!
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Re: hotmail has stopped working on my nokia lumia 920

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trex92 wrote:
Error code: 85010014

Please, continue there …