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Re: how to claim reserved space - lumia 800

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how to claim reserved space - lumia 800



I have Lumia 800 and it shows very little free space and a big chunk as reserved space.


now i dont know what is that and how can i claim it. It is more then 10GB though i have only a couple of small games (i hardly play games on mobile), i dont have any movie on mobile and overall the content i have put on lumia 800 should not have crossed 2GB at max. have onyl a dozen of photos from camera. the big chunk of my content is music and thats all.


any help. 



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Re: how to claim reserved space - lumia 800

I have the same problem.. I connected to my pc my Lumia 800 today, and zune says theres no space left..

It says it has 10.40gb reserved space and other content.


But my reserved space is set to 5% ..


Something is using all my space and I dont know what it is.

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Re: how to claim reserved space - lumia 800

[ Edited ]

Connect your handset to Zune.


Click on 'View Synch Options'


Look down the list on the left of the screen and find 'Reserved Space'. Click it.


Now you should see a slider which allows you to change the amount of 'Reserved Space' on your phone.


Check how many pictures you have on the phone and remove any you don't need. They take up a huge amount of space. Also texts, MMS messages and Emails can take a masive amount of space too.


Hope this helps.

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Re: how to claim reserved space - lumia 800

Did anybody find solution for this problem??


It is ridiculous that a phone of this worth gives us only a 3-4 gb of usable space..


How can I use reserved space?The slider reduction is not changing is still showing 10gb minimum reserved space

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Re: how to claim reserved space - lumia 800

Same problem with my Lumia 710 :smileysad:
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