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how to connect my lumia 800 to my PC

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how to connect my lumia 800 to my PC

i clicked on the link to download zune, its not working. i keep getting error 0x80240016 when i use the fix it option i get the same error again. 1hr later,  4 attempts using fix it, more than 1GB data downloaded, my frustration is sky rocketing. i have a sony laptop and im using windows 7. has anyone succeded in installing zune on windows 7?

fix it nokia! put a direct link in the support for lumia section. let it be just as easy as it was to download nokia suite. matter of fact i didnt even have to come online to find ways to download nokia suite onto my lappy, i plugged in my n8 and the option was already there, it should be the same with the lumia family. #side not, why the hell was L920 launched exclusive to EE any damn way?!

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Re: how to connect my lumia 800 to my PC

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Zune is totally under the control of Microsoft, Nokia has no control whatsoever over it. If you can't download it directly from then you should follow the support links on there or ask Microsoft for assistance. It works perfectly on both of my windows 7 computers so may be an issue with your PC.

As for the 920's exclusivity that could be for any number of reasons but you won't get an answer to it here. What is known is that the exclusivity period ends this month. It will be available on Vodafone and probably other networks too.

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Re: how to connect my lumia 800 to my PC

See 'Administrative Tools>event viewer> applications or system and find the error and see what is causing it.


Take that info to and post the problem and the info you have.

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