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How to save contacts to memory card & SIM card

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How to save contacts to memory card & SIM card

Hi all, please advise me on how to save contacts from phone to memory card & to SIM card directory on N900, I have attempted several methods but to no avail.

On my previous phone (E90) this was easily accomplished, are there any software available to archieve this task if no such function on the N900? Much obliged.

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Re: How to save contacts to memory card & SIM card

i have same question


the phone save any new contact to phone memory, let's say for any reason ur device break up so all contacts GONE with wind ? 


how come noway to save number to sim card 


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Re: How to save contacts to memory card & SIM card

Contacts are

Name (first, last)
Mobile number
Office Number
Email address
Street address
Instant messenger name

How would you fit that onto a sim card?? Sim cards store "word" and "number"..

The N900 doesn't support storing numbers on the SIM.. If you want to back up your phone's contacts, you can use the built in "backup app" and select memory card as the target

If you want to keep a backup of your numbers else where, use a syncing technology.. like Ovi Suite, or google! That way your address book and ALL its contents are available without the phone!

** Just put it into perspective.. I've had 3 sim cards die.. the last time a phone died it only stored numbers on the SIM (no internal address book at all!)

I trust my phone / syncing far more than I do a pesky little sim!
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Re: How to save contacts to memory card & SIM card

Hi cpitchford, thanks for your information, since there is no such function to save contacts to memory card & to SIM card. I would like to know if I can just save certain apps or files to memory card instead of a complete backup of the phone?

I am disappointed such simple & basic function like this doesn't exist in a premium handset like N900 when much cheaper models has it, best regards.

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Re: How to save contacts to memory card & SIM card

if you open your backup tool (menu/menu/backup *little grey square*)



tap new backup


give it name


select where you want it to save it




then you have options on what to save.


  • comm_and_cal - for communication and calendar
  • settings - for system settings
  • bookmarks - for bookmark
  • applications - for third-party applciations list


if you just want to backup your applications, you have that choice here by leaving the checkmark in the box.


however, note that this is not backing up all the data pertaining to those safe, angry birds, et.  this is just taking note of what applications were installed and where from so that they can auto download.


so if you want to copy the data for such programs, you will have to seach your files in the system to pull those out...




angry birds levels and scores files are:  /var/opt/rovio/angrybirds


password safe:  /home/user/MyDocs/.documents


the easiest way to find these is using the filebox program or midnight commander.


you can take those files and create backup of that data by copying the files to a folder on your memory card.


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