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N9 Email: how to set separate passwords for incomi...

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N9 Email: how to set separate passwords for incoming/outgoing mail

 I cannot use my regular outgoing mail server because my ISP requires that all outgoing mail is sent via their server.  If I set the outgoing mail settings according to ISP's instructions, sending mail still does not work but the e-mail program says that the server cannot be contacted or it does not exist.


I tried to set a new account using only ISP's instructions both for incoming and outgoing mail and it worked beautifully first. However, when I changed the incoming mail settings to my regular ones, incoming mail still worked fine but the same problem with outgoing mail emerged. The e-mail program allows separate user names for incoming/outgoing mail but I did not find a place where I could set separate passwords. It seems to my that when I set the new password for incoming mail, the program offers the same password for outgoing mail as well. I tried different settings (e.g. with and without SSL) and in some occasions, the program prompted me to enter password when sending a message but giving the correct password did not help at all and the program kept asking the password again and again.


Is it really so that you cannot have separate username & password pairs for incoming and outgoing mail in the N9 email program? If this is really the case, are there any other email programs available for N9?


Any help is highly appreciated.

Please use plain text.