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N900 Problem...

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N900 Problem...



I recently purchased an N900 from Nokia Retail and have been really impressed so well done. However I went to use the TV-out feature and plugged the leads into the television first, then the N900. Nothing happened. The N900 didn't register that anything had been connected and I tried changing the TV-out settings but to no avail. I then tried the headset. I plugged it in and...Nothing. Then N900 did nothing what so ever. I now think the problem is a faulty 3.5mm jack.


Could I get a replacement sent out if I ring up and what number do I ring? Is there any other settings I am missing prehaps or is it broke?


P.S my contract comes with 3 months insurance if this makes a difference to my chances of getting another one sent out.



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Re: N900 Problem...

Open an x terminal and type (or paste) this command:


dmesg | grep headphone


The | character can be entered by pressing the blue fn button, then pressing the CTRL button above it.. then pressing the | button top right that appears on the on screen keyboard.


It should show lines like:


headphone  (GPIO 177) is now connected

headphone  (GPIO 177) is now disconnected


for each time the headphones/headset is plugged in and pulled out.


If you're not seeing these lines appear, try powering off the phone.. pull the battery out, put it back in and turn the phone back on..


See if it works any better then. If not, it sounds like you could be right and have a defective socket



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Re: N900 Problem...

How about a less "geeky" approach.

1)  Do the supplied headphones work?  Yes? No?

If headset and Mic work, not faulty jack - the tv out and headsphone have same jack configuration.


Try this

1) make sure you have correctly selected your video standard PAL/NTSC

2) turn on display

3) Select correct input on display

4) connect cable to display make sure Yellow to yellow RCA

5) Plug in N900

6) Flick a screen on N900


you display should wake up and show


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Re: N900 Problem...

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Cheers for that. I don't have the headphones available right now and I don't think any other ones will work. Is there a way to check for TV-out cable.


EDIT: My headphones don't work when connected as I tried a few days ago. Neither does TV-out. I'm starting to think it is almost 100% a faulty jack.



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Re: N900 Problem...

Only other way to check the cable would be to use another phone - N97, 5800Xm , etc and see if they work with the cable.  If headset not working you can be pretty certain  something wrong with jack.


good luck

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Re: N900 Problem...

I've checked my old N96 and it works instantly.


I'll ge in touch with Nokia