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Re: No internet connection every 2 minuttes on my ...

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No internet connection every 2 minuttes on my N9

The internet connection on my N9 keeps shutting down, the problem is with both wifi and mobile. I can turn it on, and log in to my facebook and google account, and then 2 minuttes later the internet connection is off again and i have to log in again to all the different accounts.


It is very annoying that i have to log in everytime i want to see if i have any new mails, and everytime i log on im asked to log in to all my different accounts too. If i dont manually update my facebook feed, i never get any updates, and when i manually update im asked 3 times in a row to enter my facebook password.


I have set the phone to all the correct settings, since this problem has been with me for some time now. I dont mind living with some minor bugs in my phone, but this is to much for me.


I have seen the other thread /t5/Maemo-and-MeeGo-Devices/Nokia-N9-keeps-asking-me-for-my-passwords/td-p/1213677

But i dont think it looks like the same problem, since its the internet connection thats the problem on my phone. 


Has anybody experienced a problem like this, and maybe have a solution ?


have a nice day 




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Re: No internet connection every 2 minuttes on my N9

alfamesteren wrote:


Has anybody experienced a problem like this?

Strange that you should point this out as was driving me crazy trying to "Update" N9 to latest maps yesterday as it is rather like watching paint dry and each time I came back to device to find regional map download "Paused" as Internet connection had shut down; have not investigated further since not primary device.

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Re: No internet connection every 2 minuttes on my N9

2 things...

i noticed my device kicks on/off my wifi while at home and doesnt seem as fast on the wifi after 1.2. could be me. ill have to test it a bit more

it does not happen on my network gprs connections.
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Re: No internet connection every 2 minuttes on my N9

I got exactly the same problem, i need to be constantly with the internet connection but the problem is that it disconnects and goes offline.. it is very annoying, need help, to see how to fix it.

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Re: No internet connection every 2 minuttes on my N9

Mine too! It never stays connected to the internet for long! It's very annoying indeed. I thought it was just my phone.
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