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Re: Transferring music from PC to N900

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Transferring music from PC to N900

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I hadn't updated my music files in some weeks but:


I am sure I have used the sync option on Ovi Suite to add new albums to the N900

I am also confident that I did it successfully since I added a MicroSD card to the phone.


Now with another new album on my PC, Ovi Suite does not offer the sync option and I can't find find help online.


I tried transferring the album using "copy to device" on Ovi Suite and it didn't seem to work - the number of songs on Music did not increase and the album did not appear on the list..


I then decided to open file manager on the N900 and I found the missing album on the Memory Card and could play it from there - or at least I could play the individual tracks.


Two days later the number of songs has increased appropriately and the album is now visible but when I play it I get a mixture of tracks from the album I loaded in December and the one I loaded a two days ago. I should add that  both albums are using Track 1, Track 2.... as song titles; both are from very specialist labels and I cannot locate the titles online.


Any advice?.


Thank you.

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Re: Transferring music from PC to N900

i do not transfer with OVI **bleep**...suite

just connect our n900 to the pc with a usb cable in mass storage mode and transfer the files by click and drag and drop to the folder you want them.

much easier....and MUCH faster.

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Re: Transferring music from PC to N900

you can/could use media player to sync but i haen't done it for ages so not sure anymore with pr1.3

you can also right click/send to but this will put them in the root folder

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Re: Transferring music from PC to N900

I use ceroberts method. Priamarily for ease and hassle free transfering.

Sometimes I'll rip the tracks straight from the CD to the folder on the memory card of the N900 while connected in mass storage mode, then I'll add/edit the tags with Mussorgsky.

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