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how to work jar files on nokia n900?

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how to work jar files on nokia n900?

can somebody tell me how to install jar files on to nokia n900?bcoz the java application dont work on plz tell me what to do?

and does somebody know how to work on officesuite which can be installed on to it as there is no officesuite(likems word,sheet....etc)


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Re: how to work jar files on nokia n900?

the N900 doesn't support java so it won't run, what app is it? there is something i saw in the devel repo that looked like a java plugin but i haven't tried it yet.

there is an app called abiword that is similar to ms word but i don't know of any excel type apps

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Re: how to work jar files on nokia n900?

The only native Java support on the N900 is via AJAX which is only for web browsing.


There's a few posts in the Talk section of about a few hacks that are available, but they are still in "testing" or "devel", so they're far from ready for general release, and they tend to be very hit and miss with most Java apps.


AbiWord does have an "Insert table" function. Not sure if that would serve it's purpose.

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Re: how to work jar files on nokia n900?

A phrase I coined back at Uni: java is to javascript as C is to C-shell..

Careful not to confuse the two!! ECMAscript (was javascript) isn't java.. it was a terrible marketing idea that ended up calling the thing java script because Java was popular at the time.. *shudder*

I saw gnumeric was running on the N900.. but I'm not sure it's being developed much more
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