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Re: Unable to watch videos on my new 610

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Unable to watch videos on my new 610



I'm new to smart phones,  modern technology and I guess the 21st century, in general!!!.

I brought a 610 and am very happy with it.

I seem to have it all set up except I can't watch 99.9% of any videos I click on.

I think I've only watched 1 video from youtube all of last month.


All I get is a simple message 'unable to play the video'.

Should I have some kind of media player thingy running on the phone?


It would make a lot more sense if I couldn't watch any videos, then I'd know it's just something remedial I hadn't done during setting up.


Can anyone give me any pointers as to what I've done wrong.


Please remember any advise would have to be pretty idiot proof, don't let my talk of 'media player' fool you, I'm an idiot.


Many thanks


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Re: Unable to watch videos on my new 610

I know for me on my 920 its pretty much hit and miss playing YouTube videos that are embedded on webpages, sometimes it works, sometimes I don't. I did download the official YouTube app as was prompted when watching some videos and that does work at times.

However, to get a 100% reliable YouTube watching experience I suggest one of the many apps in the Store such as MegaTube, MetroTube etc, where some of them not only provide a searching / streaming experience, but downloading to your device for later viewing. Basically, just search Youtube in the Store and the alternatives will show up.
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