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Unable to activate ovi music unlimited

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Unable to activate ovi music unlimited

Hi , I am unable to activate the OVI Music Unlimited Voucher which i have received with My New Nokia 5130 ExpressMusic.On Nokia player it fails to see my phone even though I updated the software and connected using print and media. On the website the voucher 16 key pin is not recognised.

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Re: Unable to activate ovi music unlimited

According to Nokia this is normal and you should be patient. Meanwhile check out how similar problems are spreading like wildfire ---> /t5/Music/Nokia-Ovi-player-failed-downloads/m-p/756626/highlight/false#M15592

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Re: Unable to activate ovi music unlimited

if Ovi Player does not recognise your phone, you may need to re-install Ovi Player and the MTP drivers for your phone.

You can do this by first doing a complete uninstall of Ovi Player and associated components:

First do a simple uninstall:

  1. Select Run from the Start Menu. In the Run window type “cmd” and click ‘Ok’ 
    1. In the command window type the following: 
    2. cd C:\Program Files\Nokia\Ovi Player and hit enter  
    3. NokiaOviPlayer.exe /command:uninstall all and hit enter
  2. In the “Add/Remove Programs” window (XP) or “Programs and Features” window (Vista) Select Nokia Ovi Player and click Remove/Uninstall
  3. Wait for uninstall to complete, reboot if required.

If this does not resolve the problem, download the Windows Cleanup Utility and use this to uninstall Nokia Ovi Player and Nokia Multimedia Common Components. If the Ovi Suite icon appears in the system tray near the bottom right corner of the screen, right click on this icon and select "Exit".

It is also possible to do a complete uninstall manually by following these instructions:

  1. Go back to Add or Remove programs
  2. Select Nokia Multimedia Common Components and click Remove/uninstall. If a message is displayed saying that the component is needed by Nokia Music or Nokia Ovi Plater then do the following:
    1. Click ‘Run’ on the start menu and type “regedit”
    2. In the window displayed navigate to either “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes\Software\Nokia\MPlatform\” or, “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Software\Nokia\MPlatform” 
    3. Delete the key “MPlatform” from the registry 
    4. Repeat step 2.
  3. Delete the following folders if they are present, but first make hidden files and folders visible:
    1. Open a windows explorer window (for example My Documents or Computer). 
    2. Go to Tools > Folder options... 
    3. On the View tab go to Advanced settings 
    4. Ensure Show hidden files and folders is selected.
  4. On Windows XP:
    1. C:\Program Files\Nokia\Ovi Player
    2. C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nokia\MPlatform
    3. C:\Documents and Settings\<<Windows Username>>\Local Settings\Application Data\Nokia\Nokia Data Store
    4. C:\Documents and Settings\<<Windows Username>>\Local Settings\Application Data\Nokia\Nokia Music
  5. On Windows Vista:
    1. C:\Program Files\Nokia\Nokia Music
    2. C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nokia\MPlatform
    3. C:\Users\<<Windows Username>>\AppData\Local\Nokia\Nokia Data Store
    4. C:\Users\<<Windows Username>>\AppData\Local\Nokia\Nokia Ovi Player
  6. Go back to Add or Remove programs.
  7. Select PC Connectivity Solution and click Remove/uninstall
  8. Select Nokia Connectivity Cable drive and click Remove/uninstall. 
  9. Reboot PC

If the cause of the issue seem to be related to compatibility problem with other Nokia applications, remove Nokia Ovi Suite or Nokia PCSuite including Nokia Photos and delete all Nokia folders.


Once you have made sure that Ovi Player recognises your phone, make sure to click on "Get unlimited downloads" and enter your PIN there.

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Re: Unable to activate ovi music unlimited

Do you even realize how incredibly complicated what you are advising is ?


If  using the OVI Unlimited features requires a degree in computing it should say so on the packaging  / website.


Why doesn't it just WORK  ????

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Re: Unable to activate ovi music unlimited

The more I think about this the more I think  criminal offences are being committed by the senior officials of Nokia on a daily basis.


They MUST know from their own website discussions that their phone 5130 with the Ovi Unlimited  ( formerly  ' Comes With Music' ) add on is simply not working.


Therefore when they sell, or allow to be sold, this completely non-functional box of tricks on the basis that the purchaser will obtain a facility to download music - when in fact s/he will not obtain any such thing - they are acting dishonestly. 


They are obtaining property by deception : the property being the money unwitting customers are shelling out for a useless phone / software.


Does anyone know the name/s of the top director/s of Nokia in the UK ?  It would be possible to bring a private prosecution in any London Magistrates' Court.

Alternatively ask the Metropolitan Police to bring such a charge.


II have a strong suspicion that if this were done somehow either the software would improve and / or refunds would be provided on demand.


Does Nokia even have a shop anywhere to which useless phones could be returned and refunds demanded ? 


Why is nothing written about this fiasco  / scandal in the internet / media sections of the mainstream press ?  Don't they have a duty to warn unsuspecting members of the public off Nokia's deceptive claims ?





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Re: Unable to activate ovi music unlimited

Phone with CWM arrived yesterday. Loaded OVI, plugged in phone and OVI wouldn't connect. Finally managed to though only by unplugging and plugging into USB using each mode till the MTP drivers loaded - which if I remember were when I set it to PC-Suite mode. At last! I thought, click next, finding device - looked promising then a 'this isn't a CWM phone' message???!!

What a load of cr*p!  The box has CWM all over it, the invoice has CWM on it, etc.

You're getting this one back while the cooling off period is still valid and I'll buy another brand. I'm not wasting my time fixing your problems.

If I hadn't paid so much for it, I'd use my hockey stick on it.

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Re: Unable to activate ovi music unlimited from nokia C7

Hi. i Have nokia c7. but it is unfortunate that there is no facility of download unlimited music from ovi store. i am frustrated now.

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N 8 Unable to activate ovi music unlimited

I boughta Nokia N-8 on X-mas eve, 2010. I am unable to download unlimited music. Nokia had sent me an email stating that you can download music from music store. But this never happened automatically ,as always when iI try to download, it is aking for redeeming vouchers and voucher number.  Then I tried registering my PC with the PIn number Nokia had e-mailed me. When I tried to register the pin, it indicated that this PIn number has been already used.


Frustrated, I went to 3 different Nokia priority stores, no body could help me out.  One fellow in the shop told me that you send your phone imei number to nokia support and that they will provide with a new PIN. But he could not tell me to which number I should SMS or to which mail ID I should e-mail my imei number.


Further, at least 3 times in a week my phone hangs. This is when the fact is that i do not down load regularly or use internet extensively. even if when the phone is not used, when I get a call, i am unable to take the call as the phone is not responding.


Can anybody tell, how to get to unlimited music from nokia music store?

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Re: N 8 Unable to activate ovi music unlimited

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Contact Nokia Care to get this solved. Check > Call or email Nokia Care > Select your country to find local contact details for you.



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Re: Unable to activate ovi music unlimited

Hi there , my unlimited music download expired on 19 august. Now I want to reactivate my subscription but it is asking for 16 digit PIN number. I did not recieved no PIN number when i purchased my nokia 500 in january 2012. Now how to activate the subscription . please help.


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Re: Unable to activate ovi music unlimited

Dear Sir


Go to the below URL, just now I have successfully activated for 3months subscription,


1month charge-57/- and 3month charge- 281/- INR.


Hope it helps you.