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Re: Read our user survey results - is Nokia listen...

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Re: Read our user survey results - is Nokia listening?

Personally I think that the results are twisted because in the Netherlands the service is the worst you can experience.
Trying to get in contact with Nokia is difficult to the level of impossible. The care points try to convince the customers that you need to give up the phone for repair at least 3 times before the phone is repaired or replaced.

So my experience with Nokia is bad and they are lacking in service and attention for the customer.
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Re: Read our user survey results - is Nokia listening?

At the advent of The Internet starting a users helping users discussion board seemed to be the right thing to do. Unfortunately as the net does not suffer from amnesia this is getting true less and less. As more wrong or incorrect entries are obscuring real solutions or answers a discussion board is less and less succesful in answering questions. In my opinion real answers come from or at least should come from Nokia representatives and not from end-users no matter how experienced they are. I, for instance could write that Nokia is dropping support for meemo devices in 2012. This would appear on the board, in searches,etc. but would not bear any real truth (or would it?).
No. Real, reliable support should come from Nokia and it's employees and no one else. For me the perfect example is Before 2000 it was an excellent tool to get answers. Nowedays the good answers are so eroded by incorrect and incomplete forum answers that is no longer serving microsoft customers.
Leave the chatty nonsense to the many Nokia boards out there but invest some real money in reliable and accurate online support. That will be the only way for Nokia to stay abreast of Microsoft and Andriod.
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