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Re: 920 Battery - an honest question...

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920 Battery - an honest question...

How long is the Lumia 920 battery meant to last? 


The specs pages suggest 460hrs stand-by and 10hrs talk time... I'm lucky if I get 10hrs standby, even if I don't make any calls.


Generally I'll charge the phone over night, unplug it in the morning when I head to work and find it'll be in power saver mode by ~4pm.  If I restart the phone most of the time it'll find another 10-20% suggesting that the OS is mis-reading the state of the battery, but it'll continue to then run down at an alarming rate.


I've tried all suggestions, but none really made a difference, and actually turning everything off misses the point of having a smartphone. 


the question for me is whether I have a faulty device - these things happen, no big deal - or is this generally what I can expect?  If so that's more of a problem...  The phone is only a month or so old, but I'm not sure I can last a two year contract with a phone that can't last a full day between charges. 

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Re: 920 Battery - an honest question...

Normally the battery stabilizes after some 8-10 recharges..but going by your post that is a matter of 8-10 days in your case .. So, if you are using your phone since a much longer time there must be something to look about .. and if it doesn't improve suggest you to get the device checked at Nokia Care

When you say "I've tried all suggestions" ..not sure if you have it from this ..

As for the specifications..there is a thread (not exactly in relation to the subject device) but has a lengthy discussion on how it is determined ..Refer this if you are interested.


BTW, on my Nokia Lumia 920, the battery lasts  2 days on an average ..You may refer the Attachment. You will see that the longest it lasted is for 2 Days 21 Hrs..and even on current charge it is already 1 Day 17 Hrs. with about 33% to go ..

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