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Full charge capacity is not shown in diagnostics t...

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Full charge capacity is not shown in diagnostics tool

After i got last update used my phone couple of days and as batery life still seemed too low i decided tro reset my phone. did the reset and first thing i noticed diagnostics tool was missing form apps menu.


so then i synched my phone downloaded some apps and decided to check if reseting had any effect on my batterys full charge and discharge .


accesed diagnostics via ##634# but it only shows Vats and curent discharge 


theres not even line for Full charge capacity and current cappacity.


how can i check it ??


wihtout reseting my phone again ( alredy had to redownload all apps and resynch and relink my contacts 3 times - 2 of them after Noki doen hard reset on my phone )



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Re: Full charge capacity is not shown in diagnostics tool

The latest diagnostics app doesn't show the info, it isn't there with latest SW !!

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Re: Full charge capacity is not shown in diagnostics tool

weirdliy enough after newest update (1070.20) or similar .. i stil had normal diagnostics in my menu but only AFTER i did reset of my phone it disapeared and acesing it by ##634# it doesn't show full charge .

i spoke to Lumia representaives at one of the shopping ceters about this .. they seem to be just as perplexed as i am...


the thig that makes me wonder is .. Mokia says .. if your battery full charge is blah blah ...they will replace your phone....but does this seem sthat theres more faulty phones than they think??? and the3y removed full charge display  cause of that?


i already took my phone to nokia care center twice .... but they didn't change it nor they improved battery life ....


7am of charger - with minimal usage ( mostly checking battery status )13pm battery saver status ..back on charger take it of charget at around 8pm.. no usage just standby ...6h later 41% left time since last charge 6hours 2 hours left


exuse me??? that's after twice i got my phone to nokia ? and they fail to find the problem ....


and after update i noticed on standby discharge is 6% an hour on standby where before update it used to bre 4% an hour whinch aint good either  



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