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Live Account Birthdate Change - Can't download app...

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Live Account Birthdate Change - Can't download apps



  I'm trying to help someone who is an iPhone convert over to Lumia 920 - basically what happened was she setup a new live account at the AT&T store on the phone, and accidently did a birthday of 10/16/2012 not 10/16/1980 so the phone automatically went into My Family mode and won't allow any apps to be downloaded.  We've tried to log in to and change the birthdate but it wont let you.  We've called AT&T who then called Nokia, but nobody knows.


  Basically it's giving an error of "My Family setup needed - my family must be setup before you can buy this item.  Ask your parent to setup My Family settings on" when you download an app.


  Does anyone know how to change the birthdate on the account and also remove this My Family feature?  It's a cool feature, it's just that there is no way to turn it off.



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Re: Live Account Birthdate Change - Can't download apps

Have you found a way to change the birthdate?

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Re: Live Account Birthdate Change - Can't download apps

Hi mateys,

Here's the way to change your birthdate. Go into Hotmail, then click on your account name in the top right-hand corner of the screen and then click on Account Settings. it will take you to

From there click on Account Overview, and under your birthdate click Edit Personal Info.
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Re: Live Account Birthdate Change - Can't download apps

Hey guys, Im having this same exact problem with my Nokia lumia 920

Im over 18 so I'm pretty sure I dont need to set up my microsoft account birth date also accurate, so how do we switch off this My Family feature? It keeps poping up when I attempt to get an app!


would love to download some apps! 

Thanks a lot :smileyhappy:

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