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Re: Lumia 710 3G ONLY mode

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Lumia 710 3G ONLY mode

I am residing in an area where Idea 3g coverage is not adequate. However I can use it with 3g only mode in my old 384 kbps speed phone. Recently I bought a Nokia lumia 710 handset which doesn't feature 3G ONLY MODE.It just have 2g only and dual modes. I believe that I can use 3g if there is 3g only mode. Is there any method to activate 3G ONLYmode? Please answer...

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Lumia 710 3G ONLY mode

Hi 3gguru,



Nokia Lumia 710 gives you the option to select the highest connection speed that you can use. The phone will connect to the 3G connection if it is available. If you are in a place that does not have 3G connection, it will switch to 2G automatically. 

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Re: Lumia 710 3G ONLY mode

Hi, i have the same problem with a nokia lumia 900, I have bought it via amazon and it is an unlocked phone from at&t RM-808, this phone has LTA support and of course HDSPA support, there is only 3G network in my country but the phone only connects to "E" or 2G network and some times appear 4G symbol and the connection goes fast, but never connects in 3G, there is no option to select the speed connection in the config menu of my phone, only data on/off and APN config, what can i do?, a phone like this without 3G connection is a junk!!!, plase i hope anybody has an answer for my questions, thanks!!

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Re: Lumia 710 3G ONLY mode

Does the field-test monitor help? Menu » Phone » Keypad » ##3282 » button Call » three dots » Settings » Network type = 3G only

You can pin that code like a phone number to your home screen.

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