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Lumia 710 wont turn on

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Lumia 710 wont turn on

I've had my phone about a month.  I noticed right from the beginning that is didn't last through a slow day and would have to be recharged.  I assumed this was because it was an android phone and I was coming from a basic flip phone.  Last night it died (which has happened before) and I plugged it in.  It started vibrating every 10 seconds or so and would flash a shot of a battery in the red.  But after charging for awhile I tried to turn it on and would either get a slightly grey lit screen, the red empty battery, or just a vibration.  I let it charge through the night and now it just vibrates.  I've changed out the battery with another matching phone and it works on theirs, so I'm back to thinking its the unit itself.  I've done the hard reset holding down the power, volume and camera button.  I've tried with and without the sim card.

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Re: Lumia 710 wont turn on

Try plugging your phone into a computer with a data cable.Since you have tried other steps
If this fails id suggest taking it to a nokia care center

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