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Re: Lumia 800 - MMS and DataConnection question

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Lumia 800 - MMS and DataConnection question



Using the network setup utility i get mms working no problem, but only if i have the Data Connection turned on all the time.


My question is: Why does the Data Connection have to be turned on in order for MMS to work?


On all my earlier phones i never had to have this turned on. It would turn itself on whenever i needed to download or send a mms. Isn't that why they have 2 separate setups for mms and for internet/wap?


Or have i missed something here? I don't want my phones 3g data connection to always be turned on coz several apps might use it without my knowledge and my phonebill could be huge.


pls help :smileyhappy:


this is kinda a dealbreaker for me.. and i might have to sell the darn thing if i can't sovle this.

I have a shortcut to the dataconnection setting, but manually turning it on and off whenever i want to send or recieve mms is too much of a pain in the a**




Anyone having similar problems? 

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Re: Lumia 800 - MMS and DataConnection question

If data connection is an issue to you, then the Lumia probably is the wrong handset for you, WP is very largely dependent on data connection, as are most smartphone OS's , if you run the phone without data it may as well be replaced with a dumbphone, sorry I have no solution other than changing the phone :smileysad:

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Re: Lumia 800 - MMS and DataConnection question

I know smartphones are dependent on a data connection for a majority of it's functions, but that has nothing to do with my question..


Everywhere i am i have wifi access so i don't need to have data transferred over the mobile network. Except for MMS's


Like i said. Other phones dumb and smart which i've owned, like the HTC Desire HD, turns the mobile network data connection on when it's needed for receiving or sending mms then turns it off again.. utilizing the MMS part of the apn setup.


My question was basicly why doesn't the Lumia 800 ? 


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Re: Lumia 800 - MMS and DataConnection question

Hey! i am having alot of problems sending mms off my lumia 800 - anytime o2 send me the settings for mms, i get a msg on my phone saying i need a sender password before the settings can be saved but i dont know what a sender password is or where to get one from!!!  


just been on the phone to nokia for 20 mins and the woman on the other line was also saying something about needing the data connection on in order to be able to send and rec mms msgs but thats taking the mick! plus with me being on payg, its ragging my cred like theres no tomorrow!


sorry, not able to answer your question but because im so frustrated with the mms problems on my phone and saw your thread, i had to come on and have a rant!


Hope someone can help you with your query very soon 

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Re: Lumia 800 - MMS and DataConnection question

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Hi lil_missmoody,



Welcome to the  forum and thanks for posting.

When first started with SIM inserted the Lumia will read Internet and MMS settings from the SIM if available. After that when you change SIM only Internet settings are read. To set Internet and MMS settings you can user the app 'Network Setup' which you will find in the Nokia Collection on Marketplace through the phone. MMS is a data service and as such your mobile network data connection  (Settings>mobile network>Data connection) must be turned on to use MMS

This app has settings for many carriers preset and also offer the option to enter the settings manually. You usually will be able to find these settings on your carriers website. You can now remove the manual apn settings from Settings>mobile network.

You can switch on Group texting in Settings>(flick left to applications)>messaging>Group text 'ON'


Hope this helps,


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Re: Lumia 800 - MMS and DataConnection question

MMS requires a data connection to transfer the data. Without a data connection MMS cannot physically work. Now, some phones have a smart feature that they can quickly enable/disable data for just getting/sending the MMS, making it look as if you can receive MMS without data. Windows Phone does not have this option out-of-the-box.


Windows Phone does however have the option to switch the data-off option to be actually data-on, but only allowed for MMS. However this is an option that is not user-configurable. It needs to come off-factory with that option. Only some operator branded models use this option.


Note that also Symbian3 phones have similar limitations. It is capable of smartly enabling/disabling data for MMS, but only when not roaming. Even when you set the handset to receive MMS in all networks, you must still also switch in the cellular settings data also to 'allowed' for those roaming networks.


Reality is, that smartphones without data-availability are becoming a rarity.

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