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Re: Lumia 800 - Nice phone with few serious issues...

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Lumia 800 - Nice phone with few serious issues (Auto text wrap, Data traffic Counter...)

First I will have to state that I am very positively surprised about the general quality, look and feel of my Nokia Lumia 800 & WP7.5. Even the Battery life is better than expected (compared with SGS2).

I received the phone via my work thus I am using the Lumia 800 both as work and private phone.


However there are some critical issues which needs to be fixed (either by MS or Nokia) Issues listed in prioritized order, most critical on top:


Auto text wrap:

I quite fast realized that the Lumia 800 is extremely poor at displaying web pages. You can’t choose your own preference on font size and worst of all the phone can’t auto wrap the text so it fits to the screen. This applies both to the Mail reading APP and the Internet Browser. However the problem is clearly worst when viewing web pages. E.g. when viewing a discussion forum site you will have to scroll 3-4 times to the right to read a sentence, and then 3-4 times back to read the next one… unfortunately this issue makes the Nokia Lumia 800 phone USELESS for reading text on the web.


Follow data traffic:

I realized that it is not possible to see how much Data you have received and send via you Lumia 800.  It should be a standard feature to be able to see how much data traffic you have send and received via WIFI and 3G connections.


Manage APP's data connection:

I need a feature to manage which features and APP´s that can utilize WIFI and/or 3G networks. Incase you don’t have a flat rate data plan or if you are traveling in other (roaming) countries it would be nice feature.

Then I could allow only my Mail for exchange to sync via the 3G network while traveling. And leave my Facebook, LinkedIn, GoogleMail etc. to only be syncked when connected to a WIFI spot at the hotel.



Vibra feedback:

Why can’t I turn off this stupid vibration feedback when pushing the back button??



That was all from here – hope to see some solutions SOON




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Re: Lumia 800 - Nice phone with few serious issues (Auto text wrap, Data traffic Counter...)

You are spot on with the issues that you mention. I hope there will be an update soon, that fixes these major shotages. I mean..Even Iphone have these options regarding data connections and webbrowsing.


Anyone knows if there is an app for WP that monitors data traffic?

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Re: Lumia 800 - Nice phone with few serious issues (Auto text wrap, Data traffic Counter...)

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They will give you the scriped instructions that they give to all which is meaningless and not directing your specific direction. 


Myself and a few buddies happen to get the defective handsets. 


Seek a refund best solution 


Moderators notes: Inaccurate statements removed. 

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Re: Lumia 800 - Nice phone with few serious issues (Auto text wrap, Data traffic Counter...)

The below info might solve your problem

The App is available through Nokia Beta Labs,

Please open the below link in your mobile​f8-4d1d-8fba-beaa01fafa47

or else go to the below link on your desktop and use Bing QR Scanner to get the app

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