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Re: Lumia 800 praise and problems

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Lumia 800 praise and problems

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Hello and thanks for reading.


Ive had the lumia for a few days and most of my phones have been Nokias in the past as I prefur the ease of use with them......untill now


I will admit this phone looks and feels very slick, it works very quickly with little lag, simplistic menus and sharp screen...But....


this phone will amaze anyone with the things it CAN do, but also the things it CANT do.

It seems I cannot rename videos or pictures unless I wire it up to the laptop/computer and mess around in Zume (Conzume I will call it) it syncs the phone but I want to upload to youtube as I have a channel on there but this Zume programme wont let me copy and paste to my hard drive. Its a windows phone so why cant it act like windows lol I cant drag and drop to my computer and if I try to upload to utube it wont find zume only other hard drives.

My last phone was the N95 8GB and that will let you do what you like when you connect it with a USB.


I cant Edit videos on the phone either?


I see someone else has mentioned it wont connet by bluetooth to ANYTHING..I mean other slightly older Nokias which I cant believe I tried to send all my old videos and pics from my N95 to the lumia but says its not supported????? Unbelieveable!


Please tell me Nokia will sort this as its a major let down as its so simple.


I know it wants to share everything I do but if I wanted that Id call a Newspaper


Can someone please explain the "cloud" to me as It seems its storing your videos and pics to then pay for when you want to watch them as your using mobile internet all the time?



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Re: Lumia 800 praise and problems

i'm no expert but i would say most of your problems are going to remain not solved.the thing with nokia is they spent years giving us phones we could customize and features we could use when we needed current phone a c7 sure its no way as good as a iphone or s2 but it does allow me to make it the phone i want.i can not understand nokia's thinking behind the some more bad news for them out today and that sales of the lumia are not reaching there expected targets. People should also be aware that microsoft will not keep throwing money at wp7 for ever if they pull the plug you could be left with a phone that has no support.
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Re: Lumia 800 praise and problems

wp7's main aim is to attract iphone users....and all that restrictions and limits are some desperate attempts to match ios ecosystem so i guess customers should do some research before buying a new phone
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Re: Lumia 800 praise and problems

Did you try to "Reverse Sync" your videos?

Connect the Lumia to your PC, start Zune. Wait for it to recognize your phone, go to "Device" menu, select the media you want to transfer from the phone to your PC and click the computer icon on the lower left corner to copy the content to your PC.
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Re: Lumia 800 praise and problems

I had a close friend send me an mms message, and in that messgae it said 'get media content now' so I did... Thing is, were the hell does the content get stored to, because I sure as heck cant find it!

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Re: Lumia 800 praise and problems

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Bluetooth????? **** does it even connect to anything ?I even tried to connect it to a toaster with no avail lol


HTC = Bluetooth sez Noooooooooo

Other Nokia N95 = bluetooth sez nooooooooooo

Toaster= Bluetooth sez noooooooooo

Samsung = Bluetooth sez noooooooooo


So the question Will Nokia sort out this monsterous problem or continue to bury there head in the sand and watch the flag ship phone sink quicker than Katy Prices reputation?


Come on Nokia sort it out.


Put an "exit" option in internet explorer while your at it.


"Rename" option on videos Is a must!!!!!!


No "Edit" on videos either? "Do it on your computer" you say????


If I Was At home then I would not be on my Mobile!



No more waiting, no more excuses


MODERATOR'S NOTE: Post edited,foul and offensive language used trying to bypass filter.

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Re: Lumia 800 praise and problems

1) It's called Zune note Zume

2) When your photos and videos are synced with Zune, they get stored on your hard drive (everything does). Just look in your videos folder, they should be there. Otherwise they will probably be in your camera roll in your pictures folder Zune is an application, not a place on your hard drive so of course it's not going to appear.

3) Once you've connected your phone to Zune and it appears, set the sync options to what you want. It can sync automatically and even do WiFi sync. So it can actually be even more convenient than with your N95 8GB.

4) Your Nokia supports Bluetooth A2DP and PBAP. So it will connect to bluetooth headsets and car kits etc. It will do phonebook stuff. For sharing music and videos, there's no bluetooth option unfortunately, it's email.

5) You can disable auto-upload to skydrive if you want. Pictures and Videos are stored on the phone.

6) It's a SMARTphone, it's supposed to use data.

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Re: Lumia 800 praise and problems

My beefs with this phone include


  • It's a windows phone, why won't it sync directly with Outlook. Most other smartphones do for heavens sake. I had to spend ages mucking about with 'Outlook connector' & syncing all my stuff to my hotmail account before I could get it onto my phone. Not straight forward & most frustrating.
  • Why was it that when I updated my phone with the latest firmware to improve the battery life it actually got worse. It wasn't until I did a hard reset that the battery improved. Fine except I had to set the phone up from scratch again. Not impressed & if I have to hard reset the phone every time there's a software update I won't be getting another Nokia. (I was saving up to get a 900 when it comes out).
  • It's now dead. As of two days ago it won't switch on. I've thrown everything at it without any joy & the Nokia Care Centre have now sent it back to Nokia.
  • I paid out money for a game I'd previously had for free on my Android phone (Frozen Bubble). Only thing is, when I got to play it I realised that it was a mere shadow of the game I'd played on my old HTC Desire. The graphics were poo by comparison & the physics of the game were poorer too. What's going on? Not the fault of the Lumia I know but it all adds to my current dissatisfaction with the Windows Phone/Lumia experience.
  • Why does everything have to be done through Zune. I'd love to be able to just transfer stuff across to & from the phone with windows. It's an unnecessary restriction.

There have been many other niggles with this phone since I got it & a lot of them I can not currently remember, but the overall feeling is one of  restriction. It seems it's their way or the highway. I'd always avoided going for an Iphone due to the lack of freedoms of that system, but it looks like I've inadvertently ended up with something very similar.


On a final note I'd like to say this is one of the finest, if not THE finest looking phone on the market today. I've wanted one ever since I saw it's initial incarnation as the N9. In fact I think I'd have been happier with an N9 if only they'd had the balls to distribute it in this country. However, when the Lumia IS working it's as smooth as silk & a joy to behold. I'm hoping that when I get it back, a lot of these woes will be behind me & I can get back to my initial love affair with it. If Nokia and Microsoft can iron out the problems then this phone & the forthcoming 900 will put them back on the map. My fear is that if they don't get a grip soon, it could be too late.

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