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Lumia 900 - My view

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Lumia 900 - My view

Hello all, so after long debate I had finally decided to upgrade my Nokia N8 (Brilliant phone)


I now own a Nokia Lumia 900 - white. I don't want to start of like most do on forums with problems here and there but a nice list of nice features I have come to enjoy.


So the first thing I love is the black sleek background - very minimal and looks amazing. the phone it's self looks great and people have been impressed by it because it's not your common android/iphone.


The main menu screen, the layout is fresh and very much pulls you in for a closer look. the phone itself is very smooth and internet browsing is a doddle, and a pleasure to use.

The screen clarity blows you away, and watching films is pretty good overall.

I have really enjoyed exploring around this phone and there are a few updates I feel is needed, I will list those things below:


firstly I think for me I love T9 and to exclude that is a massive blow for me, especially as I prefer to use my phone one handed and can be at times difficult with the size of the phone and not able to get my thumb right across to reach the little qwerty keyboard, although it's response is brilliant with two finger typing.


Also to tie in with the keyboard, there is no Right or Left arrows on the keyboard and because of the implament of touch a word to change it stops you from entering that word, therefore you have to delete letters to get to the mistake.


For my personalization is a massive factor, I would like to create 'Folders' in the sub catergory to make browsing that much easier, as I do not want to clog my homescreen up.


Zune, now by what I can see this is almost ment to be the 'iTunes' of windows phone... ridiculously frustrating, files I want to addis a mare. all my music and photos are on my external hard drive, so in order for zune to see them i need to copy them to my zune folders then to find it on zune itself, then synic... There is an option to select which folders it searches through but because it's a plug in hard drive it doesn't want to know.

I just to open the phone as a normal folder where I can drag and drop anything into, without going through the pain of a third party program. VERY, VERY POOR - please sort this.


I would love to see a connectivity bar, like what was introduced on the N8 on any screen where you pull it down and you had instant access to turn on any data/wifi/bluetooth connections, how it is right now I have to go deep into the menu to do this.


One other thing I asked for before going ahead with this phone was I wanted the FM transmitter, I spoke to the Nokia rep, who assured me there were a few apps that would allow me to do the same as I could with my N8 where I can play through a radio without wires or bluetooth. to find that I CANNOT, andfrom what I see it is a hardware thing, not a software thing, so I really feel misled. That was one massive thing my friends always went wow about and the one thing I used daily in my car, and at work.


Also, when I first used my bluetooth I was able to send and recieve stuff via it. now it doesn't connect to any other device, just says 'not supported' is this a problem, or is it just like iPhone where you are only compatible with certain things.


I just want to mention, would be nice to see my music organised a lot better on the phone as well, I think as it stands it is pretty poor, think less is more, it can be a bit OTT on the music menu side.


This phone has so much potiental, and I am loving having it. This is just a few of the things that effect me and, would like to see happen, if anyone can spread light on any of the above I mention that would be brilliant.


Keep up the good work Nokia, people laughed at android when it launched, now it's taken over iPhone. I know windows will be a lot better than any of those could!


Thanks for reading guys and girls!




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Re: Lumia 900 - My view

Every little detail you have explained here is 100% right. I switched over from Nokia E7 3 months back to Lumia 900 and I still haven't gotten used to this qwerty keyboard. I downloaded a paid app for T9 but you have to go into the app to write a message and its not integrated into the phone where it can give you the option in the keyboard setting to switch between t9 and qwerty.
the music player does not go into landscape mode which I regularly use while driving and that is really frustrating.
You cannot use any other headphones with this phone other than the ones in the box as I have a Nokia multimedia headphone which has a pause play next, previous and volume control buttons which I was using with my E7 and its a bother when you are listening to music while jogging as you have to take out your phone every time to do something, unlock the screen or swipe.
I miss the communication bar too.
If Nokia was coming with a new phone, it should have had all the people in their minds who were so very comfortable with using these simple tools Nokia had provided to them in each and every phone Nokia made over all these years before designing a new phone.
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