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Lumia 900 Sending a Photo via text message issue

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Lumia 900 Sending a Photo via text message issue

I am starting the notice this more and more lately. I send photos via text messages to people who have a wide varities of phones, but a large amount of them never receive the photo. Text only messages go through fine but when I attach a photo it never shows up on their end. It is not phone specific or carrier specific ... I have had photos show up successfully on each carrier and also fail on each carrier.


For example:

Friend 1 has an Android phone on Verizon - never gets my photo messages

Friend 2 has a different Android phone on Verizon - Gets the photo message


Friend 3 has a Symbian Nokia phone on AT&T - never gets my photo

Friend 4 has an Android phone on AT&T - never gets my photo

Friend 5 has a Lumia 900 on AT&T - Gets the photo just fine.


Also, my Lumia receives photos from the above people just fine. AT&T Support cannot figure it out ... anyone else have this issue???


Thank you!

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Re: Lumia 900 Sending a Photo via text message issue

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Hi LexFrost,


Thanks for your post and welcome.


A MMS message is like a SMS message in that once it is sent from the phone it is no longer under your control and is handled by the  MMS service system and delivered to the recipient. As your MMS messages do get delivered to some people it would be safe to say the settings and functionality on your end (your Lumia) are working as they should since they get delivered by your phone to the service. Unfortunately there is little you can do to solve this. It is either with the AT&T MMS service or the receiving phone (carrier/settings).

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Re: Lumia 900 Sending a Photo via text message issue

Use the network app to adjust the mms servers. Look up gprs at&t mms, any at&t store should be able to do this for you.
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