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Re: Many many good features are missing in WP 7

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Accepted Solution

Many many good features are missing in WP 7

Many many convenient features are missing in WP 7.


1. No "+" sign when using number keyboard. Only "*" is provided, but who uses that?

2. No "@" in the first page of keyboard. You have to go to "&123".

3. There is no "backward" key!

4. Unlike Nokia N8, there is no way to tell which programmer is running behind.

5. Cannot end call!


But its surfing is fast, to be fair.




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Re: Many many good features are missing in WP 7

1. Hold the zero key on the dial pad to get a +.
2. It's contextual, appears when typing an email address in the "to" field.
3. My Keyboard has a backspace key, not sure what else you mean?
4. Hold the back button (next to the windows button) to see what apps are running.
5. Some networks have that bug, others don't. It's supposed to have been fixed in the latest software update that you may not have yet.
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Re: Many many good features are missing in WP 7

Hi Hillview,


Thanks for your questions, I hope I can answer them for you.


  1. To get a + you press and hold 0 on numeric keypad, goto the second character page (->) on full keyboard.
  2. Depending on the type of input required (as defined by the programmer) the @ will be on the keyboard(as will the .com key).
  3. There is a backspace key, I am not sure what you mean with 'backward'. If you mean a way to backup in a word you can press and hold the position where you want to go until the cursor appears.
  4. You can find a list of running background tasks in "Settings>flick left to 'applications'>background tasks"
  5. This has been resolved in the current software update (firmware 1600.2487.8107.12070)


Hope this helped,


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Re: Many many good features are missing in WP 7

Thank you all for this.


It is really helpful.


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Re: Many many good features are missing in WP 7

He has a point though.

The language key is a bit wasteful and would be best served with an @.

That or the silly smiley key.


Edit - just found out how to turn off the language key and my space bar is bigger. Excellent.



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