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More Lumia 900 Issues - the not so talked about is...

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More Lumia 900 Issues - the not so talked about issues

Let me start by saying that I have never had so many issues with ANY other phone ever in my 15 years of cell phone usage. I've been with WP7 from day 1 and have had HTC, samsung WP7 1st Gen phones - never with any issues, let alone SO MANY. On other platforms I've had several android phones and almost all iPhones, The Lumia 900 quality is by far the worst ever. Totally opposite of what I was expecting. Such a pity. I waited for so long for this phone. 


By the way, this is my second Lumia 900. Already had the first one exchanged after 3 days for the purple screen issue.


With this unit (white like my last one) which is now about 9 days old ONLY, I have the following issues (some being reported by others and some not). But I'm sure its not unique to me, most people will either notice them after a few more days or weeks of use (mine started appearing slowly and are increasing in number) or maybe they have even bigger issues to report. 


Here are the issues I am seeing:


  • The first week went relatively ok. However, since the last couple of days, my Lumia 900 has been rebooting randomly. Just sitting next to me, not plugged in, not supposedly doing anything, it reboots randomly. Happened at least once every day in front of me. May have happened other times too when i wasn't looking. 
  • After a few days (didn't notice this during the first few days) the overall device response is generally slower now upon first interaction - then ok. i.e. when I touch it do do anything (wake it up to press >> on the music player soft keys on the top to skip to the next song, or press the windows key or search key or anything on the screen to do anything), it waits just a little bit before responding (if at all). Sometimes I have to repeat my key-press or action or whatever to get it to respond. This has NEVER happened on my samsung focus (which i now miss dearly). 
  • Related to the above, even when the phone us fully woken up and i've been doing stuff on it, when i use the keyboard to type, the first key I press on the keyboard is not recognized - no tap sound and I don't see the character I pressed on the sceren - until I press the second key and then both the keys I pressed appear together (with the tap sound). VERY annoying as I have to keep guessing whether the first key was recognized or whether i should press it again - only to see the first character i entered repeated on the screen becaues i ended up pressing it twice. 
  • I have the sticky capacitative buttons issue reported in the following thread -  /t5/Nokia-with-Windows-Phone/Issue-with-nokia-lumia-900-touch-capacitive-buttons/td-p/1375977
  • Capacitative buttons look DIRTY as if there's uneven dirt under them.. as a result they are not evenly lit - This is a BRAND NEW PHONE. 9 days old. My previous white lumia (exchanged after 3 days) also had the same issue. 
  • Today, I pressed the search dedicated button to bring up Bing search. After typing "Lumia" and then pressing the key to shift to numbers on my virtual keyboard, the keyboard stopped working. No matter what I pressed, no response. The rest of the phone was responsive, just the soft keyboard inputs wouldnt' register. I cancelled out of it, back to the main screen. Then back to search and could reproduce this EVERY TIME. Just started happening today.
  • With every passing day (there have only been 9 so far) the overall performance and the number of random little issue seem to keep going up. I can't wait to see what the next week holds. These coupled with all the other issues people have reported, these are way too many issues to be justified as teething or new device issues. Lumia 800 / 710 were their first devices, the 900 isn't. 


I hope these get resolved in a software update. Not that I'm planning to keep my Lumia anymore. Sorry, but a phone/company with so many issues doesn't deserve my money. I'm usually not this disgruntled, but being in software development myself, this is something I wouldn't consider forgivable for my developers either. 

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Re: More Lumia 900 Issues - the not so talked about issues

ive had a few issues myself, but nothing deal-breaking. im patiently waiting for a patch for the capacitive button issue. my phone has randomly rebooted maybe 3 times that ive noticed this month, while i wasn't using it though. and sometimes i have to restart my phone to get data/gps connectivity back. but otherwise i love it. i couldnt care less what shade of white my capacitive buttons are, i just want them to work correctly!
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Re: More Lumia 900 Issues - the not so talked about issues

An observation related to the capacitative touch buttons issue: I just noticed today that it happens in loud noisy environments. So if the environment is loud (regardless of whether the phone is playing loud music) it will happen. Strange...

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