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Wheni connect to WIFI to browse the inrenet, it works fine, and always has done. But when i use the browser and my network settings to connect, it is fine but only for a few days or a week. Now and again i get a problem where the browser wont display anyweb pages! All the settings are in correctly, and nothing gets adjusted, i even get the Hor 3G symbol to show me that i am actually infact connected to the internet, but a blank page just keeps coming up saying Try refreshing the browser or try again later.. This has happened to me twice now, and the only way of fixing theproblem is by reseting factory settings which is very annoying! ive tried deleting browsing history,and tried other websites to access too but nothing seems to work. Is this a fault, well i guess it must be but has anyone else had the same problem? wouldreally like to know as imreally thinking about selling this phone if it continues to play up..........

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Probably not 'the phone'. More likely to be cache.

Browser cache and ISP cache. Either or both.

To reset 'things' do the following in this order:

* open a single browser (eg clear all the others)

* click the browser's Settings ( ... ) area

* select 'tabs' and delete everything displayed

* click the browser's Settings ( ... ) area again

* click 'recent' then 'delete' and confirm the delete

* click the back up ( <~ ) button

* click the browser's Settings ( ... ) area again

* click 'settings' (you need to drag upwards to see it)

* click 'delete history' and confirm the delete

  (you need to drag upwards to see it)

* click the back up ( <~ ) button

Cache is now clear.

Now the browser should work 'properly'

and no factory reset required or needed:-)

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