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Re: Nokia Lumia 800 battery problem.

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Nokia Lumia 800 battery problem.

Hi guys,Recently I have come across a miracle of sorts.My lumia 800 suddenly went dead as was listening to music connected with a jack to an external speakers.I applied all possible troubleshooters as well as the 'dos and donts'available,used different methods of charging because on the phone screen it was also indicating in red implying defective batterys or power problems.Every day I tried to find the problem even opening it twice for clues.I had in the mean time placed a Nokia....battery yet to reach me.But on the 12th day since after going dead I was surprised as usual out of curiosity I just did using the charger/adapter of Nokia E6:00 which came with it and after making some buzzing noise it started and began charging.I am using the same for this text.Is it sheer fluke or miracle.would like to hear your opinion. Ck
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Re: Nokia Lumia 800 battery problem.

Probably the output on the previous charger is not adequate for your Lumia to start.

The Nokia E6 have an 1500mAh, thus it needs a more powerful charger so it will charge faster, which Nokia have provided. (Says it has an output of 1300mA in an hour). If I remember well, the charger that comes with the Lumia 800 has an output of 1000mAh.
But then, that was just my assumption and it's not totally right.
If I have helped you in any way, give me a kudos! :smileyhappy:
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