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Re: Nokia Lumia 810 Data connection problem

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Re: Nokia Lumia 810 Data connection problem

Just a question... There is no possible way to see the 'network indicator' when in IE in WinPhone8... How could anyone see if the device was switching while in IE?
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Re: Nokia Lumia 810 Data connection problem

I have a new Lumia 810 that has been updated to the latest OS. The phone has been SIM unlocked for me by T-mobile. I'm currently working in Indonesia and I have a local SIM card in the phone. Indonesia has good 3G signal coverage and has no 4G service yet. In spite of this, my phone never indicates a 3G signal. It only changes between 2G and 4G. It appears that I only get a data connection when the phone indicates 4G coverage. I cannot make a data connection when the signal indicates 2G. I have tried to force 3G only in the field test menu and even when 3G only is successfully selected, the phone still indicates a 4G connection. If I put the same Indonesian SIM card in the Nokia E6 that I also travel with, everything works fine. I can get a data connection in a 2G coverage area and a 3G signal is shown in areas where the coverage exists. I had the phone for a very short time before leaving the USA but I believe the 810 acts the same way in the USA. In my hometown, I do not think we have 4G coverage yet and still the phone shows only a 4G signal. I don't have much faith in this phone at all. At the moment, Symbian Belle works so much better than Windows 8 and gives me far more control over how my phone works. Anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong with the 810?

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Re: Nokia Lumia 810 Data connection problem

Hi chuckchern,


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Have you tried the troubleshooting steps provided on this link: ? 

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