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Re: Not getting youtube on my nokia lumia 610

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Not getting youtube on my nokia lumia 610

I am having trouble in getting youtube website. Every time I visit youtube, a captcha page shows up. After filling the captcha the same page again comes up asking me to solve anothe captcha. It goes on like this and I never get to watch videos on youtube. Please note that I am able to surf all other websites seamlessly, without any issue.
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Re: Not getting youtube on my nokia lumia 610



Are you utilising YouTube client such as PrimeTube for example?

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Re: Not getting youtube on my nokia lumia 610


At this time some content from YouTube is not available as YouTube have changed their access methods which makes some applications, such as the ones available for Windows Phone, unable to play the content. It will be up to the app developers to update their apps for this function to work again.


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Re: Not getting youtube on my nokia lumia 610

I also have this issue and found out that it was the SIM issue.
Solved the issue by either changing my SIM (In other operator) or download MetroTube (A free Youtube application, which is not official but very easy and fun to use)
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Re: Not getting youtube on my nokia lumia 610

Kosh, I think your explanation helps relieve my disappointment and understand why Metrotube's (used ver 3.4 on Lumia 900) search results were less desirable compared to Nexus' Youtube app. So that's it? We can't improve search results in Metrotube (or Primetube)?
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Re: Not getting youtube on my nokia lumia 610

im not getting youtube at all i tried downloading the youtube app and it failed every time i try and go on in it goes straight to the optus recharge page but i have crediti keep calling and checking and i have 468mb please help asap

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