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Re: Phone Automatically Deleting and Resending Old...

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Phone Automatically Deleting and Resending Old Texts

Hi! I've never had an issue like this before and this is my first Nokia Phone (Lumia 710). This has happened twice now. My phone charges all night and I wake up to find the previous day's phone calls and texts all deleted. Additionally, my contacts are telling me they receive texts from me at 2am, which are texts that I had sent months ago. This is all a little crazy and I have no idea what to do. Why are all my calls and texts being deleted? The first time it happened, it deleted five days' worth of texts and phone calls. Rebooting my phone does not bring back any of the texts or calls that were logged. Also, I can't handle the fact that it is resending old texts at all hours of the night. Please advise.

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Re: Phone Automatically Deleting and Resending Old Texts

Hi Schmoop,


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forum.

Please hard reset and update the phone's software to get rid of any potential bugs in the phone. 


Connect your phone to Nokia Suite and make a back up via Tools > Back up. Don't tick the Settings box. Disconnect the phone from Nokia Suite when you have created the back up and enter *#7370# into your phone, the default security code is 12345 unless you have changed this code yourself. 


Now reconnect with Nokia Suite and click on the green arrow where an update will be listed. If no update is shown please reinstall the current software, this option will be displayed in blue. Once the phone has rebooted, go to Tools > Restore to restore the back up onto your phone, then reinstall Whatsapp once more as indicated above. 


This should resolve the issue, please keep me updated on your progress.



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