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Re: Remove camera hardware from Lumia 610

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Remove camera hardware from Lumia 610

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Hi all,


I have a legitimate need to physically remove the camera from my Nokia Lumia 610. I want to use this phone at work to replace my ancient Nokia 2310 which I use at work; since cameras are not allowed on site, I have to remove the camera before being able to use this phone.


There's a firm where I live that can do it, but they're not certain if the Nokia Lumia 610 does a hardware check when booting.


Can somebody please confirm if the camera hardware gets checked on boot ? If it does, it would be nice to know if the OS will still boot even without the camera.


Thanks for any insights!

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Re: Remove camera hardware from Lumia 610

Why? If you have no camera it simply wont work.
The phone will still work if the lens is removed.
You could also just bock the camera,and just to remind you if you decide to do this you void warranty.
Imo your employer is a little radical with his rules,i can bet there is others with cameras on site.
Other sensible options!
Dont bring it to work or cover it with tape.

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Re: Remove camera hardware from Lumia 610

Hey, I have the same issue at my work. Did you take out the camera in the end? I'd like to get a lumia 820 and remove the camera's (i know it will void my warrenty). Love to hear if u succeded in getting yours out.


Kind regards,


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